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Private Thomas Farmer (c.1808.......1832.)


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  • Born : circa 1808
  • Where Born : Shropshire
  • Baptised : 3 January 1808 at Shrewsbury, Shropshire.
  • Occupation : Cordweiner" (shoemaker) / Soldier
  • Date Arrived : 8 June 1829
  • Ship Arrived on : "HMS Sulphur"
  • Rank attained : Private
  • Date of Enlistment : 29 May 1827
  • Where Enlisted : Birmingham, Warwickshire,
    Date of Discharge :-23 February 1832 died in Service
  • Died : 23 February 1832
    Where Died / Buried : drowned at the Causeway in Perth / East Perth Cemetery, Perth, WA.
  • Parents Names : William Lloyd Farmer(b........d) & Jane Farmer (b........d)(unsure of his mother's maiden name)
  • Spouse's Name : Ann Catherine (sometimes Anne Sophia) EVANS
    Born :1806
  • Where Born : Merionethshire in Wales
  • Occupation :
  • Date Arrived : 8 June 1829
  • Ship Arrived on : "HMS Sulphur"
  • Date Married :21 February 1826
  • Where Married : St Pancras Old Church, London
  • Died : 27 December 1870
  • Where Died / Buried : Perth
  • Spouse's Parents : James EVANS (b.......d.) was a Doctor and Mary UNKNOWN(b........d.)
  • Descendants
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    Peter Watson
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    Area Settled :
    Western Australia
    Children :
    Thomas Farmer and Ann had 4 children as follows
    1 . Thomas Farmer (b 24 Aug 1827 – d . 19 Oct 1891)
    2 . William Farmer (b 12 Aug 1828 –d . 10 Jul 1887 )
    3 . Samuel Farmer (b 25 Sep 1830 – d . 28 Aug 1920 )
    4 . Joseph Farmer (b 21 Oct 1832 – d . 24 May 1897) (born after Thomas died and took name “Watson” after Ann’s next husband William Watson).
    Children of Ann and her subsequent husband William Watson
    1 . James Watson (b 8 Oct 1834 - d . 3 Aug 1865.)
    2 . Charles Watson (b 6 Dec 1836 - d . 24 May 1905)
    3 . Annie Watson (b 8 Dec 1838 - d . 4 Jun 1911)
    4 . Henry Watson (b 2 Oct 1840 - d . 29 Sep 1861) Matthew Henry accidentally shot himself at Canning Bridge near Perth. 
    5 . Isaac Watson (b 6 May 1844 - d . 14 Sep 1900) Born after mother had remarried Thomas Walker, so took the name "Walker"
    History & Achievements :
    Copy of article re: Ann Farmer (By Dr Cyril Bryan)
    Copy of inquest document from the time
    Thomas FARMER was baptized on 3 January 1808 at Shrewsbury, Shropshire. He left home for London
    seeking to "make his fortune" circa 1824. He married Ann Catherine EVANS, daughter of (Doctor) James EVANS and Mary UNKNOWN, on 21 February 1826 at St Pancras Old Church, London. He was a Private in the
    63rd Regiment. He began military service on 29 May 1827 at Birmingham,Warwickshire, when he enlisted in the 63rd Regiment of Foot (he was paid 2pounds, 10 shillings for enlisting). He marched from Coventry to Chatham on
    Route 12, taking 9 days, and then was based at Dover, Sheerness and Chatham.On 9 January 1829 he embarked with detachment of 63rd Regiment at Chatham, later sailed on 5 Feb 1829 on H.M.S. "Sulphur". He arrived on 8 June 1829 at Swan River, Fremantle, WA, on board the HMS Sulphur, with his wife and
    He was reputed to be the soldier who handed the axe to Mrs Dance to fell the tree to mark the founding of
    Perth on 12 August 1829. He was a Cordweiner (shoemaker) in the military in 1830. He was allotted Land GrantS.Dur/I./16 in Barrack Street in 1830 at Perth, WA. He drowned on 23 February 1832 at The Causeway, Perth, WA, at age 24. He had been sent to the Flats at about six o'clock in the morning ,With a Colour Serjeant (Edward Barron) and two privates (George Hodges and William Steel) , to retrieve the skiff, belonging to Trigg, who was then in charge of Public Works in the colony. An accident occurred in mid-stream as Trigg's boat had drifted, Private Steel (who was a good swimmer) jumped overboard to attach a rope  to the boat.  their boat to a tree on the bank. Farmer also jumped into the water thinking he could stand, but he sank. He was retrieved and ordered not to jump in again. Once again, however, still feeling he could stand, he jumped in. This time in his heavy clothing, he sank immediately. His body was found 24 hours later at the bottom of a deep pool. At the inquest,  it was stated that he was not in the least degree intoxicated but that he had been unwell for the last three or four days . He was buried on25 February 1832 at East Perth Cemetery, Perth, WA.
    Anne is thought to have been the first white woman ashore in Western Australia. After the death of her
    husband, she married again, this time to William WATSON, an innkeeper at Redcliffe. Anne and William had children James, Charles, Annie, Henry, and Anne was pregnant with Isaac when her husband William died. She married again, this time to Thomas WALKER, a bricklayer.
    Thomas FARMER, the son, is thought to have been the first white child ashore in Western Australia. He
    was a tailor in Perth, a staunch Methodist and Temperance Worker, and was very active in the Wesleyan Church. His brother William was only a baby when carried ashore at Swan River. William left his family behind to work as a splitter and fencer at the Victorian goldfields. After the death of his wife (Mary LAVIDGE), he moved to the mines of Gympie in Queensland, where he married Bertha HANSEN. The remaining brothers, Samuel and Joseph, were pioneering police constables in Western Australia, each of them eventually retiring to be a pastoralist.
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