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Lieutenant Thomas Evernden (c.1788.......1839 .)

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  • Born : Circa 1788
  • Where Born : England
  • Occupation : / Soldier
  • Date Arrived : 29 April 1825
  • Ship Arrived on : " Royal Charlotte "
  • Port Arrived : Sydney
  • Rank on Discharge : Lieutenant
  • Date of Army Enlistment :
  • Where Enlisted Army :
  • Regimental # : LT 1
  • Last Regiment Served : 57th Regiment
  • Regiment Enlisted from : 57th Regiment
  • Date Enlisted Mounted Police : 24 December 1825
  • Rank Mounted Police : Lieutenant
  • Date Discharge Mounted Police: 1 October 1827
  • Regiment Re-Joined : 57th Regiment
  • Date Discharged Army :
  • Comments Regarding Army Discharge : Re-Joined Regiment
  • Where Discharged :
  • Died : 15 September 1839
  • Where Died / Buried : Holy Trinity Church Kelso New South Wales
  • Parents Names :
  • Spouse's Name :
  • Date Married :
  • Where Married :
  • Spouse's Parents :
  • Born :
  • Where Born :
  • Occupation :
  • Date Arrived :
  • Ship Arrived on :
  • Died :
  • Where Died / Buried

    See below:  

    EVERNDEN, Thomas. Lieutenant, 3rd Regiment of Foot (Buffs)
    c.1824 Certifying to Thomas Spicer's service in the 3rd Regiment of Foot, and to his character (Reel 6061; 4/1779 p.124)
    1825 Nov 16 Appointed Justice of the Peace (Fiche 3299; AO Doc No.4)

    EVERSTAFF, Thomas (Per "Barwell", 1798) see EVESTAFF, Thomas   Theo Barker, deceased, mentions on page 55 of his History of Bathurst, Vol. I The Early Settlement to 1862, that Lieutenant Thomas Evernden was 3rd Regiment and named Superintendent of Police on October 1 1828.  I'm sure you'll find the book at the library, or I can scan the relevant page if you are interested.    The data I have is as follows: (sorry the previous one was useless to format for you) Thomas J. Evernden b. about 1788, Kent, Englandj married Elizabeth Saunders Kelson 1827 (she died 1929) married (2nd) Mary Jane Hawkins 11th January 1830 Holy Trinity Church of England, Kelso, Bathurst children: Thomas Fitzhberbert Evernden 1831-1832               Mary Jane Elizabeth Evernden 1832-1833               Sarah Louisa Evernden 24 June 1934- 1887               Thomas Charles Evernden 1835-1835 Thomas J. Evernden d. 15 September 1939 and is buried at Holy Trinity Kelso, Bathurst NSW. 

    Thomas Evernden was Police Magistrate at Bathurst and received a grant of 2,560 acres of land extending from what is now Wimbledon towards Caloola. In his official capacity, he is thought to have been in a way responsible for triggering off the discontent which led to the formation of the group of bushrangers known as "The Ribbon Gang".

    Hawkins was in charge of the building project of Holy Trinity Church, Kelso, while his son-in-law, Lieutenant Thomas Evernden of 'Littlebourne' was the Treasurer.

    From 'Bathurst Free Times Feb. 23 1924' "Mr Thomas Evernden was the first police magistrate and his idea of discipline and correction vastly differed to many of the magistrates now occupying the bench in NSW."

    From 'National Advocate Sept. 1936' Old Bathurst Lieut. John Fennell 48thRegiment, Commandant at Bathurst 1825-1826 by Watson A. Steel' ".... yet another, Lieutenant Thomas Evernden, under direction of Colonel (afterwards General) Stewart, formed the earliest body of mounted police, recruited from the smartest young soldiers in his regiment (The Buffs) for country service. The present NSW mounted police are their lineal descendants. He was Superintendent of Police, and Police Magistrate at Bathurst from 1826-1837, when he obtained a free grant of the 'Wimbledon' estate between Bathurst and Blayney, where he maintained a large grazing property. He married as a second wife, a daughter of Thomas Fitzherbert Hawkins, R.N. of 'Blackdown', situated near Holy Trinity Church, Kelso, of which the Hawkins and Evernden families were foundation members, and where he was probably buried. I can find no evidence of the death and burial at Bathurst of any officer of the 3rd Regiment (the Buffs) during the period of its service in NSW from November 1823 to November 1827, and am of opinion that the first and only officer of that regiment ever buried in Holy Trinity cemetery was Lieut. Evernden and his death took place 12 years after the first burial recorded there in 1826. A search in the Parish Records of the names of military officers buried in the cemetery between 1826 and 1939 should prove if my assumption be correct."

    Pioneers Section Holy Trinity 1839: Thomas Evernden 51/47F5

    Hawkins Family being

    From 'Bathurst in the Thirties" by Mrs Agnes Busby Nov. 1905 " Mr Evernden, the Police Magistrate having retired owing to ill health (he lived at Littlebourne and died there), a young gentleman, a son of a Sydney Judge, was given the appointment'.

    "Notes from Watson Steel's notebook, lent us by the Royal Australian Historical Society" - ' The 10 men mentioned here as being hanged for the murder of Ca pt. Payne, on 19 July 1831, were not the murderers of Capt. Payne, but were the 10 men who formed part of Ralph Entwhistle's gang of the previous year, October 1830, who were tried for the murder of Greenwood, Lieut. Evernden's overseer at Bartlett's farm (now Wimbledon) on 23rd September 1830

    Thomas Evernden's will mentions his brother and sisters: " Elizabeth Robinson, Mary Evernden, Sarah Evernden, Charlotte Evernden, William Evernden" -

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