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Edward Charles Close (1790-1866)

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  • Born : 21/3/1790
  • Where : Rangamati, Bengal, India
  • Occupation : Soldier / Acting Engineer
  • Date Arrived : 13/11/ 1817
  • Ship Arrived on : Barque..Matilda
  • Rank on Discharge : Lieutenant
  • Date of Enlistment : 8th of February 1809 , 2nd/48th
  • Date of Discharge : Applied for discharge July 1822.Transferred to the 3rd Regiment East Kent (The Buffs) on the 24/3/1824 and discharged from this unit and the British Army on the 13th January 1824
  • Died : 7/5/1866
  • Where Died / Buried : Morpeth New South Wales / St James Church of England Cemetery Morpeth
  • Parents Names : John Close (b.......d) and Elizabeth Close   (b........d.)          
  • Spouse's Name : Sophie Susan Palmer (b 1803....d.26/6/1856)
  • Date Married : 27/9/1821
  • Where Married : Parramatta
  • Born :
  • Where :
  • Occupation :
  • Date Arrived : 13/11/ 1817.
  • Ship Arrived on : Barque..Matilda
  • Died : 7/5/1866
  • Where Died / Buried : Morpeth New South Wales / St James Church of England Cemetery Morpeth
  • Spouse's Parents : John Palmer (b......d.) &  Jack Palmer arrived in Sydney as a purser on board the "Sirius"                             
  • Descendants
    Area Settled :
    Children :
    1 . Edward Charles Close (b.1825......d.1887) 
    2 . Marianne Collinson Close ( b.1827....d.1903)                                                         
    3 . Robert Campbell Close (b.1831......d. 1901)                                                       
    4 . George Thomas Palmer Close (b.1834.....d.1892)                                                            
    History & Achievements :
    Lieutenant Edward Charles Close arrived in Australia as part of the North Hamptonshire Regiment (48th Regiment of Foot) contingent, in 1817 on board The" Barque..Matilda ".
    Lieutenant Edward Charles Close was educated in England before his appointment as an Ensign to the 2/48th regiment on February 1809 at the age of 19 . He attained the rank of Lieutenant on the 2nd of June 1809 . Serving with the 2/48th in the Peninsular war from June of 1809 until July 1811. Following the battle of Albuera 16/5/1811 , he returned to England with the remnants of the 2/48th. After his recovery from wounds in battle, he joined the 1/48th regiment and was present at many of the remaining battles of the war . After his arrival he served in Sydney and then as an acting engineer at Newcastle where he was responsible for navigation and harbour inprovements. In 1821 he applied for a grant of land at what was then called Illulaung (Green Hills) now Morpeth New South Wales . Edward was unable to take up his grant and he served with the 48th until January 1824.
    Following his discharge he was appointed as a Magistrate, Governor Darling was dissatisfied with this
    and following many arguments regarding points of Edward's personal life and about land, Darling removed him from this post. In 1829 Edward was appointed as a member of the Legislative Council, a position he retained until 1839, after which he resigned.
    During the battle of Albuera , Close was wounded . He made a vow that if he lived he would build a church as thanks. This he did (or at least organised it to be built). The church is located at Morpeth not far from Edward's family home (Closebourne House) . St James Church of England was consecrated in 1840.
    For his military service he was awarded the General Service Medal with 7 clasps. , naming the battles in
    which he fought with distinction in the Peninsular War under the Duke Of Wellington . His General Service Medal represents the following Battles : Talavera -28/6/1809 : Busaco 27/9/1810 : Albuera 16/5/1811 : Vittoria 21/6/1812 : Nivelle : Orthes 27/2/1814 : , Toulouse 10/4/1814 :
    Reference :.Records of the 48th . Mitchel Library ,Sydney, New South Wales
    The Colonial Garrison 1817-1824 ( Clem Sargent ) published 1996
    Wellington's Military Machine ( Philip J. Haythornthaite) published 1995
    Military records  ,Pay rolls, Pay Musters, Cemetery Records, Church Records & General Muster Records, Mitchell Library ,Sydney Australia
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