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  Private Edward Hayden   (c.1805.....1859 .)

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Enrolled Military Pensioners Force Western Australia and Tasmania
  • Born  :  c.1805
  • Where Born :   Cashell, Tipperary
  • Occupation :   Laborer / Soldier
  • Date Arrived : 3rd April, 1850. 
  • Ship Arrived on : "Eliza"
  • Where Arrived :  Hobart  Tasmania
  • Age when arrived :  
  • Marital Status   :  married
  • Rank on Discharge :  Private
  • Date Enlistment ( E.P.F ) : 1849
  • Date Discharge  ( E.P.F ) : Chatham
  • Where Discharged ( E.P.F ): Perth Western Australia
  • Previous Regiment :   10th Foot Regiment
  • Regimental Number10th:  
  • Date Enlistment 10th:
  • Where Enlisted 10th: 
  • Date Discharge  : 1843
  • Where Discharged  : Hobart aged 38
  • Died :    14.8.1859, aged 54 Years".
  • Informant : 
  • Where Died / Buried : 
  • Parents Names :
  • Spouse's Name :  
  • Born : 
  • Where Born :  
  • Occupation :   
  • Date Married :  
  • Where Married : 
  • Spouse's Parents :  
  • Date Arrived :       
  • Ship Arrived on : "
  • Died :  
  • Buried :
  • Where Died / Buried :  
  • Descendants
    Area Settled :
    Perth Western Australia
    Children :

     Amelia (b.......d.)  married  Walter Whelan (b, born 1853......d.) 

    History & Achievements :

     Edward Hayden  arrived as a Military Pensioner aboard the Eliza and is noted as being of the 10th Foot Regiment.  He and his family also were allotted land at Oatlands.

    Edward Hayden arrived in Hobart as a Military Pensioner aboard the ship Eliza.  Sailed from London 24.12.1849.  He arrived with his wife Ellen. He was stated as being 10th Foot Regiment - Pte Edward Hayden.  The 10th Foot Regiment were the Lincolnshire England Regiment.
    The Ship Eliza IV date of of arrival 3rd April, 1850.  Tonnage 682 - Built at Calcutta in 1815 Class AEI.  Sailed 24.12.1849 from London - 100 days to arrive.
    In a book "A History of the Lower Midlands" it states Edward Haydon (note spelling) arrived in the colony in 1847 from Ireland and later developed an area of land at Mount Seymour.
    A Headstone was located in an old Cemetery at Oatlands.  It was broken from the main grave but still in good condition for its age.  It has written upon it:
    "Edward Hayden - 14.8.1859, aged 54 Years".
    Immigration: 1850, London, England.  Edward Hayden served with the 10th Foot Regiment (name misspelt Heyden).  He was born in Cashell, Tipperary and discharged at age 38.  Edward, his wife Ellen and 3 small children, sailed from England on board the Ship "Eliza" where he served a a Private Guard.  Also on board, who later became involved with the family were Samuel Mason and family, Michael Barry (died at sea), wife Ellen Collins and family, John Whelan, Thomas Wrow....
    Life Story:  Richmond Tasmania.  Edward had no particular trade and would take up any employment he could get, police or otherwise.  In the end he was pensioned at 9d per day in Oatlands.  Being a Military Pensioner, Edward was granted an allotment (number 13) in Oatlands in which he settled on the 6 December 1950.
    Census: 1841Manchester Leicestershire, Private stationed at Salford Barracks, Regent Road, Salford - Born Ireland, (HO107/586/15 Folio 41 Page 5 Line 2)


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