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Sergeant Frederick Dutton (c.1829....1862.)

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  • Born : circa . 1829
  • Where Born : Cockfield, England
  • Occupation : Labourer , Soldier
  • Date Arrived : "Empress Eugenie."
  • Ship Arrived on :
  • Rank on Discharge : Sergeant
  • Regimental # : 2925
  • Date of Enlistment : February 19, 1851 age 17 1/2, and was 5 ft 6 ins in height.  
  • Where Enlisted : Bury St Edmonds
    Date of Discharge :
  • Where Discharged : Brisbane
  • Died : March 1862
  • Where Died / Buried : Brisbane, Queensland
  • Parents Names : Francis Dutton, a higgler, was born 26 February 1797 Cockfield, Suffolk, England and died 1889.& Frances Taylor, born 13 Nov 1802 Cockfield, Suffolk. Died July 1876, Cockfield, Suffolk.
  • Spouse's Name : Emma Bailey
  • Date Married : 18 August 1850
  • Where Married : Parish Chruch, Shimplingthorne, Suffolk
  • Born : 1829
  • Where Born : Shimplingthorne, Suffolk, England.
  • Occupation :
  • Date Arrived :
  • Ship Arrived on :
  • Died : 16 July 1884
  • Where Died / Buried : Arthur Street, Spring Hill, Brisbane.
  • Parents Names : William Bailey  born 1785 in Newton, Suffolk, England, and died February 1866, in Shimpling, Suffolk,  & Rebecca Leigh born 1795 at Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk, England, and died December 1861 in Shimpling, Suffolk.  
  • Descendants
    Information for Frederick was kindly supplied by Trish McGilchrist.......... e-mail
    Area Settled :
    Brisbane, Queensland
    Children :
    1 . Mary Ann Dutton born abt 1850....1885
    2 . Diana Dutton born abt 1851 in Chatham, Kent. She died age 3,14th December 1854 at the Military Barracks, Melbourne, Victoria.
    3 . Frederick James Dutton born
    1884 in Melbourne, and died after 1886.  He married November 1, 1880, in Brisbane, Margaret Cosgrove born about 1857 at Stoney Creek, Queensland.
    4 . Anna Maria Dutton born 8 August 1856 in Tasmania, Australia. Died 25 October 1856 in Tasmania.
    5 . Frances Jane Dutton born 23 August 1857 Tasmania. Died 8 September 1857 at the Military Barracks, Tasmania.
    6 . Reuben Dutton born 23 August 1857 Tasmania. Died 11 August 1860, Paddington, New South Wales. Buried 11 August 1860 Camperdown, New South Wales.
    7 . Frances Jane Dutton born 17 June 1860, Victoria Barracks, New South Wales. Died 16 May 1861, Queensland.
    8 . Richard Henry Dutton born 6 August 1861.
    Queensland and died 23rd November 1920 in the Brisbane Hospital, Queensland. MARY ANN WHELAN 8th August 1894 in Charters Towers, Queensland..  Mary was born 3rd March 1849 in Brisbane died 11th April 1902 Charters Towers JANE TENNANT 30th March 1909 Charters Towers, Queensland. Jane was born 19th November 1889 Sellheim, Queensland.
    9 . Emma Marie Dutton born 2 Aug 1862, Brisbane, Queensland. Died 12 December 1862 Queensland.
    10 . Frances Jane Dutton born 2 Aug 1862 Brisbane, Queensland. Married [1] Henry Mohr 17 Feburary 1883, Queensland.
    died September 17, 1935, 6 Thornbury Street, Valley, Brisbane. Husband number 1, Henry Mohr was born about 1858 in Germany, and died September 1887 in Brisbane. Husband number 2 was ROBERT William Amos Porter born 1869 West Indies, and died August 1942 Brisbane. They married May 5, 1897, Fortitude Valley,
  • After the death of Frederick, Emma had a child, Louisa, born 1871 and died 1874. Father unknown. Another child, William Kilner Dutton was born 18 February 1869. She married his father, William Kilner, 3 October 1872 in Queensland. Emma died 16 July 1884 in Queensland.
  • History & Achievements :

    1854. Frederick was dispatched to Ballarat where he was stationed for about two years. It seems highly probable that he participated in the Eureka Stockade rebellion (Sovereign Hill, Ballarat) on Sunday 3 December 1854 and its aftermath.
    March 6, 1862 'Military Funeral' The funeral of Sgt Dutton, late of the detachment of the 12th Regiment
    stationed here, took place here yesterday afternoon.
    The deceased, who was 33 years of age, had been suffering for some time from a complaint on the lungs,
    and his death, which took place on Tuesday evening last, was somewhat sudden. The funeral was the first of the kind which has taken place here, and hence attracted much attention, a large number of the inhabitants accompanying the cortege to the cemetery. The procession left the barracks about five o'clock, and consisted of the officers and men of the detachment, the Volunteer Band, a few members of the Volunteer force and a number of the police. The female relatives and friends of the deceased were also present. The funeral service was read by the Rev. G. Bliss, and procession formed afterwards in the following order:- The comrades of the deceased came first, in double file, with arms reversed; next followed the Volunteer Band playing 'Dead March in Saul'; then the Volunteers and police, and lastly the hearse. In this order the procession moved towards the burial ground, accompanied by a large number if citizens, the band playing at intervals throughout the route. At the grave, and at the conclusion of the burial service, three volleys were fired over the deceased by his comrades. The scene was solemn an imposing throughout,
    A letter from Lt Seymore appeas in another column thanking the Volunteer Band and others who took part
    in the procession. It is only justice to say that the service tendered by the band was well performed and effective, and reflected the highest credit on the skill of the master and the assiduity of the members, as this was their first appearance in public'.
    Frederick served at Brisbane from January 1861 to March 1862. His grave has not been found and may
    have been 'removed' when the Qld Govt. built its Hale Street bypass some years ago.
    FREDERICK DUTTON Burial: 05 March 1862, Brisbane, Queensland Military service: Bet. 1850 - 1862, 12th Suffolk foot regiment. No 2925 Occupation: 1850, Labourer
    EMMA BAILEY After Fredericks death, Emma was 'On the strength' of the 12th Regiment, and therefore would have been entitled to a small war office pension.
    BRISBANE COURIER March 6, 1862
    Sir, Will you kindly allow me a small space in your issue of to-morrow, to return, on behalf of myself and the men of the detachment of the  12th Regiment stationed here, our sincere thanks to those members of the Volunteers and of the Police who so kindly attended, this day, the funeral of our deceased comrade, Sergeant F Dutton.
    To the members of the Volunteer Band especially are our thanks due, for their valuable assistance on the melancholy occasion.
    I have the honor to be, Sir
    Your most obedient servant,
     Lieut, 12th Reg. Commanding Detachment,
       Barracks, Brisbane, Mach 5, 1862
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