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Private David Comber (........)

Back To . . .50th Foot West Kent Queen's Own Regiment.
  • Born :
  • Where Born :
  • Occupation : Soldier.
  • Date Arrived : 18 December 1833
  • Port Arrived : Sydney
  • Ship Arrived on :  "Llyods"
  • Rank on Discharge : Private
  • Regimental Number : 
  • Date of Enlistment  
  • Where Enlisted
  • Date of Discharge  
  • Where Discharged  
  • Died :
  • Where Died / Buried :
  • Parents Names :
  • Spouse's Name :
  • Date Married :
  • Where Married :
  • Born :
  • Where Born :
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  • Died :
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  • Hi Barrie
     Just thought I would pop you a line and enquire if you have found any more about David Comber ,supposedly deserted from the 50th foot.
    I have found out that he was registered as a horse and cattle owner in Glen Innes NSW ,with his own brand, in 1883. He donated money to the local hospital in 1883 and in 1881
    he was a judge at the local sports fair. If he indeed desert he must have felt pretty safe in Glen Innes to be involved in the community.
    I have attached a photo taken during the Capt Cook Bi-Centenary. I am the second from the right end.
    The uniforms were hand made by a little Jewish tailor in the middle of Sydney. We went for three fitting before he was happy with the fit.
    The muskets were handmade at the Lithgow small arms factory and we were told they cost at least $ 1000 each which at the time was a lot of money.
    Cheers Kevin Comber





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    History & Achievements :

    David has been recorded as deserting his Regiment however there is some disbelief as to whether his name was mixed with another soldier with almost the same last name however with the exact first name. David may in fact not have deserted. The records of this solider are sketchy.
     David has been listed as deserting but questions do still exist.

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