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Corporal George Cowley ( .1811....1861.)


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  • Born : 9 March 1811
  • Bapt : 4th November 1811 All Saint's Church Newcastle-on-Tyne,
  • Where Born : Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland
  • Occupation : Miner / Soldier
  • Regimental Number : # 701
  • Date Arrived : Abt 1836 - 37
  • Ship Arrived on :
  • Rank on Discharge : Cororal
  • Date of Enlistment : 17 September 1828
  • Where Enlisted :
  • Date of Discharge : 31 December 1843
  • Where Discharged :
  • Died : 2. February 1861
  • Where Died / Buried : Old Cemetery : Ararat Victoria (no grave marker exists)
  • Parents Names : George Cowley (b.......d.) & Isabella Lowes (b.......d.)
  • Spouse's Name : Sophia Rolfe
  • Date Married : 5 January 1847
  • Where Married : Sydney
  • Born : 1830
  • Where Born : Writtle, England
  • Baptised : 7 March 1830
  • Where Baptised : Writtle England
  • Occupation : Seamstres / Housekeeper
  • Date Arrived : 1st July 1838
  • Ship Arrived on : " Amelia Thompson "
  • Died : 4 October 1919
  • Where Died / Buried : Spicers Creek ( between Gulgong & Wellington N.S.W. )
  • Spouse's Parents : William Rolfe (b......d.) & Elizabeth Royce (b........d.)
  • Descendants
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    Area Settled :
    Children :
    1 . William George Cowley (b.30.3.1848.
    Sydney ...d.2.2.1914 Gunnedah N.S.W )
    2 . Charles Thomas Cowley (b.17.2.1850.Armstrong Victortia...d.9.9.1910 Wangaratta N.S.W)
    3 . Mary Ann Cowley (b.26.4.1852 .BendigoVictoria ....d.1.7.1935 Chatswood N.S.W.)
    4 . Elizabeth Cowley (b.20.6.1853.Broken Bay N.S.W......d.27.5.1919 Adelong N.S.W )
    5 . Sophia Jane Cowley (b.29.11.1856. Pegleg Victoria ......d.13.9.1932 Coonamble N.S.W )
    6 . James Joseph Cowley (b.13.10.1858.Ararat Victoria....d.5.8.1932. Nundle.N.S.W.)
    7 . Henry George Cowley (b.12.8.1860.Ararat Victoria....d.8.2.1861 Ararat Victoria)
    History & Achievements :
    The Regimental Museum said they all sailed from England . A list of the ships the 80th came out on: Lady
    Kennaway, Capt Cook,Lady Nugent, Henry Porcher, Bengal Merchant, Earl Grey, St Vincent, Eden, John, Norfolk, Francis Charlotte, Sarah Prince George, Mangles, Blenheim, Heber, The list includes dates, names of officers and other regiments travelling with them to escort prisoners,
    The regiment began movements from its depot at Chatham, during 1836, for Gravesend on the Thames
    where it was to form escorts for convict transports headed for N.S.W. Nearby, the 80th had undergone training at Purfleet, on the Thames. Purfleet was a well known army training depot. The first convict guard embarked at Gravesend on the 23rd of May 1836 under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Narbourough Baker. In August of 1836 Lieutenant Christie in command of 29 men (to guard 269 convicts) embarked in the Bengal Merchant, arriving Port Jackson in December 1836. The Regimental Colours embarked on the 6th of March 1837 arriving Port Jackson on the 11th of November 1837. The rear guard embarked on the 18th of December 1838.Initially the 80th was stationed at the Military Barracks, Wynyard Square, Sydney . They then moved to Parramatta and between 1837 and 1841 the regimental headquarters was located at Windsor NSW. By the 11th of July 1837 the 80th had begun to deploy detachments throughout the colony.
    The following deployments are listed in order of their deployment: Illawarra NSW, Berrima NSW,
    Hassan's Walls, Newcastle NSW, 17 Mile Hollow NSW, Wingill, Liverpool NSW, Port Phillip VIC, Bathurst NSW, Cors River NSW, Emu Plains NSW, Morton Bay QLD, Port Macquarie NSW, Norfolk Island NSW, Harper's Hill on the Hunter NSW, Windsor NSW, Campbelltown NSW, Tourang (Towrang) NSW, Parramatta NSW, Portland Bay, Auckland New Zealand. Late in 1837 Colonel Kenneth Snodgrass then acting Governor of the colony ordered Major James Nun to lead a detachment of Mounted Military Police against the Kamilaroi tribe in the Liverpool Plains area of NSW. In the third week of January 1838 Major Nunn in the company of Ensign George Cobban, three sergeants and nineteen troopers escorting stockmen with packhorses down the Gwydir River came across a "great many blacks" a corporal by the name of Hannan attempted to arrest an aboriginal warrior. In response Corporal Hannan was speared in the calf, next followed a chain of events, which came to be known as The Slaughterhouse Creek massacre. Corporal Hannan was the only injury inflicted on the troopers, however accounts as to the numbers of Kamilaroi wounded or killed varied. Nunn and Cobban thought only four or five were killed, Sergeant Lee thought the figure was more like forty or fifty. This was the last purely Military action undertaken against the Aboriginal population by British troops. George was promoted to Corporal in the 1840's serving mostly at Hassan's Walls near Lithgow under Captain Charles Lewis.
    George Cowley was born 9th March 1811, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland; died 2nd February 1861,
    Ararat, Vic, as a result of a mine fall (he was digging for gold at this time - the Australian mounted police forces were discontinued in 1850). He married in 5th January 1847 at Sydney to Sophia ROLFE. His parents were George Cowley of Durham, Northumberland; and Isabella Lowes of Newcastle Upon Tyne. He was a Corporal when he discharged. Sophia's parents were William Rolfe and Elizabeth Royce of Writtle, Essex, England. Sophia was bapt 7th Mar 1830 in Writtle. She and her family came to Australia in 1838 on the "Amelia Thompson". She died in Gulgong 4th Oct 1919. She and George had 7 children:
    George joined 17 Sep 1828, No. 701, height 5'7", occupation miner, discharged 31 Dec 1843 at the
    end of his term of service. Then carried on in Australia in the civilian Mounted Police. The 80th was the first regiment to have a separate specialist unit of mounted police.   12 Sergeants 12 Corporals 4 Drummers 212 Privates in 1829.  
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