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Private George Costigan  (c 1825.........1885 )

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Area Settled :
Children :
James  (b1860 ........d 22 /9/1865 aged 5 Years on Board " Vimiera "
Thomas (b 1862 .....d.23/9/1865 aged 3 Years on Board " Vimiera "
John b 1865 d 26/7/1911,
Mary b 1869,
Henry b 4/6/1871 died 16/3/1925,
Margaret b 1873 died 1901,
Elizabeth b 1873,
Thomas b 1876,
Catherine b 1877. cost

History & Achievements :

George had 2 other brothers in the 11th Regiment COSTIGAN Henry The other was COSTIGAN Thomas

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