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Private Henry Costigan (.C. 1817/1818.......1872.)

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COSTIGAN, Henry CM 200078 Marriage
Spouse: REARDON, Rosannah
Index Year: 1868
Reg Year: 1868 Reg State: New South Wales
Ref Number: 429 (1)

COSTIGAN, Henry CD 186259 Death
Age at Death: 52
Death Place: Balmain
Index Year: 1872
Reg Year: 1872 Reg State: New South Wales
Ref Number: 1834 (1)

COSTIGAN, Rose Hannah CD 186281 Death
Father: REARDON William
Mother: Mary A
Index Year: 1878
Reg Year: 1878 Reg State: New South Wales
Ref Number: 3255 (1)

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Area Settled :
Children :
Children of Henry and Eliza
1 . Denis George(b......d.)
COSTIGAN, Henry EB 427732 Christening
Reg Year: 1849 Reg State: New South Wales
Ref Number: V18491095 66 Parish: Sydney, St James', Roman Catholic
History & Achievements :

Henry Costigan. Was a music teacher and lived in Campbell Street Sydney, and then in Balmain where he died. This was one year after his second marriage to a woman called Rosannah Reardon possibly related to Jeremiah Reardon who was in the same regiment.  Henry died of consumption and the informant was Samuel Reardon nephew and friend. Henry's first wife was Eliza (Elizabeth?) Reardon . Henry and Eliza had two sons Denis George and Henry,

Henry had 2 other brothers in the 11th Regiment - Thomas Costigan B. 1814/1815 Gibraltar, joined up in 1828 at Cork, discharged in Sydney 1855 and D.1856 he was buried 9-12-1856, I don't know

The other brother we  COSTIGAN Thomas ,, .COSTIGAN George joined and returned to U.K. with the 11th Reg in 1857. He was discharged in 1863 in Cork, but rejoined the pensioner force and returned to West Australia on the "Vimeira"

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