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Private Thomas Clinch  (c 1805...........)


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Surnames of the 96th Regiment's Soldiers who stayed
  • Born : c 1805
  • Where Born : Hartlip, Kent. UK.
  • Occupation :   Soldier / Labourer
  • Date Arrived :  8th Dec. 1839
  • Ship Arrived on :  "Barossa"
  • Port Arrived :  Sydney
  • Rank on Discharge : Private
  • Date of Army Enlistment :  14th Dec. 1830
  • Where Enlisted Army :  96th, (Manchester Reg't)
  • Regimental # :  635
  • Date Discharged Army : 30 June, 1844.
  • Comments Regarding Army Discharge : served 13 years 200 days.
  • Where Discharged : (Launceston, VDLand.)
  • Died :
  • Where Died / Buried :
  • Parents Names : Benjamin Clinch(b.1774 d,1848,) Hannah Pepper,(b.1775,m.1798,d.1858.)
  • Spouse's Name : Mary Kean (Cohen?
  • Date Married :   2nd December, 1837.
  • Where Married :Enniskillen, Ireland,
  • Spouse's Parents :
  • Born :
  • Where Born :
  • Occupation :
  • Date Arrived :
  • Ship Arrived on :
  • Died :
  • Where Died / Buried
  • Descendants
    Information supplied by David McAdam
    Area Settled :
    Mt Moriac, Victoria
    Mary (1838-1914)
        Sp 1 Edward Hogan, m 1858
        Sp 2 George Chuck, m 1880
    Thomas (1841-1916)
        Sp Mary Anne Anderson m 1868
    Sarah (1842-1895)
        Sp Samuel Herrod, m 1860
    Edward (1843-1913)
        Sp Hester Foilan (Phelan?) m 1873
    Ellen (1845-1913)
        Sp Ernest Young m 1866
    Margaret (1845?-1935)
        Sp Henry Pounder Glory Leviston m 1861
    Hannah (1848-1927)
        Sp 1 Thomas Herrod m 1862
        Sp 2 William Beattie Brown m 1869
    Fanny (1850-1928)
        Sp Charles Maher m 1867


    History & Achievements :
    Pte. Thomas Clinch sailed from Sheerness, UK, on 3rd August, 1839, aboard the "Barossa" with 28 other guards and 334 male convicts, all under the command of Lt. Chambre of the 96th Regiment.
    It is believed his wife Mary, and one daughter were on the voyage, no steerage passengers are mentioned only those travelling in cabin class. The ship's surgeon, Robert Wylie Esq. RN, reports an outbreak of measles brought aboard by the children of the guards, one child's death recorded after 19 days at sea.
    The " Barossa" arrived in Sydney Cove on 8th Dec.1839.The detachment then transferred to Norfolk Island, aboard the "Nautilus", landing on the island on 10th Feb.1840
    The regiment left Norfolk Island aboard the "Duke of Richmond" on 23Feb. 1844, arriving in Hobart 11th March. From Hobart they transferred to Launceston aboard the "Waterlily" and "Marion Watson" landing on 28 March 1844.
    Pte Clinch remained a private throughout his army career, although he did receive Good Conduct pay during his service in Australia. He purchased his discharge (five pounds) and left the army 30 th June 1844, having served 13 years 200 days.
    The family settled at Mt Moriac, (near Geelong) Victoria. From later family documents Thomas' occupation is listed variously as labourer, shepherd, drover and transport manager. (A certain irony in this last one!) The family later settled in the Buninyong area and it is reported that Thomas acted as an escort for gold Shipments from Ballarat to Geelong.
    Where and when Thomas and Mary died is not known at this time. There is no records of them at Births Deaths and Marriages, with the exception of Thomas' permission for the marriage of his underage daughters.
    ReferencesFamily Members,  Military records  ,Pay rolls, Pay Musters, Cemetery Records, Church Records & General Muster Records, Mitchell Library ,Sydney Australia
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