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" Charlotte "

Date Arrived : 26. January . 1788

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The Charlotte was a First Fleet transport ship, built on the River Thames in 1784, and weighing 345 tons. She was a heavy sailer, and had to be towed down the English Channel for the first few days of the voyage. Her master was Thomas Gilbert, and her surgeon was John White, principal surgeon to the colony. She left Portsmouth on 13 May 1787, carrying eight-eight male and twenty female convicts, among them the later-to-be-famous Mary Bryant, and arrived at Port Jackson, Sydney, Australia, on 26 January 1788. She left Port Jackson on 6 May 1788 bound for China to take on a cargo of tea, under charter to the East India Company. On her return to England on 28 November 1789 she was sold to a firm for the London to Jamaica run, and was lost off Newfoundland in November 1818.


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Ships Crew , Officials

  • Captain,

  • GILBERT Thomas Charlotte Master of Charlotte ,  ,

  • Lieutenants

  • Surgeon ,

  • BROUGHTON William Charlotte Servant to Surgeon White WHITE John   Surgeon-general 

  • Midshipmen

  • Mates

  • Gunners

  • Boatswain  

  • LAVENDER George  Boatswain

  • Seaman

  • AIMSSEN  Joseph On 29 April 1788, John Bennett, chronic offender, was tried for stealing four shirts and a pair of trousers, the property of Aimssen and John Riddell, as well as provisions belonging to the Charlotte. Bennett was executed for the offence.

  • RIDDELL John   Seaman,  RIMMER Joseph   Seaman

  • SMITH Edward  Seaman  . STOREY John  Seaman
  • Unknown Persons on the Charlotte
  • GOODWIN Phillip 
  • OVERTON Edward 

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