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"HMS Calcutta "

Date Arrived : Sydney 26 December 1803

Soldiers of the New South Wales Corps on board who may have stayed. Some where convicts who later enlisted.

At 7pm on the 4th of March 1804 the rebellion began in a convicts house at Castle Hill . To announce
the beginning they set fire to this house ,then ran from house to house seizing what they could before burning it to the ground. Phillip Cunningham called to his fellows "Now my Boys Liberty or Death" .With this cry they marched on Parramatta. They came across the Government flogger " Duggin" they attacked and beat him to within an inch of life. Finding kegs of rum, the rebels began to drink. The rebels became known as " The croppies "
The rebels reached the Parramatta Government Farm and over powered the Military Guards, seized the
guards weapons and armed themselves against the military. The rebels left the prison farm and headed towards the Hawkesbury area in the hope of seizing a ship and returning to Ireland. As they marched the rebels gathered more recruits and weapons on the way and confiscated any Rum Barrels they could find. The Rum was consumed as soon as it was seized.
Governor King learned of the rebellion at midnight and issued orders for the immediate mobilization of the
New South Wales Corps. With the mobilization of the corps, Sydney was left virtually unprotected. The alarm was raised on board the ship "HMS Calcutta". in turn 140 seaman and marines were placed on alert. The New South Wales Corps were to be sent to the area and quell the uprising. King declared marshal law throughout the colony. Two officers and only 52 privates were dispatched to the area. Under the command of Major Johnston the detachment arrived at Parramatta at 1:30am on March the 5th 1804, where one further officer and 14 privates added to their strength. One detachment marched to Castle Hill while the other marched to Toongabbie. The rebels were in neither spot.


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