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Private Charles Bloom (1806......1846.)


Back to . . .4th Foot Lancaster King's Own Regiment.
  • Born : circa 1806
  • Where Born : Cowes Isle of Wight
  • Occupation : Soldier
  • Date Arrived : 19 October 1831
  • Ship Arrived on : 'Larkins'
  • Rank attained :
  • Date of Enlistment : 1821
  • Where Enlisted
  • Date of Discharge :
  • Where Discharged :
  • Died : June 1846
  • Where Died / Buried : Cowes Isle of Wight
  • Parents Names :
  • Spouse's Name : Elizabeth Redford
  • Born :
  • Where Born :
  • Occupation :
  • Date Arrived :19 October 1831
  • Ship Arrived on : 'Larkins'
  • Date Married : 1828
  • Where Married : Manchester
  • Died : 29 December 1850
  • Where Died / Buried : Willoughby Church of England
  • Spouse's Parents :
  • Descendants
    This information was kindly supplied by a descendant Pat Wearne
    Area Settled :
    Children :
    1 . Ellen Bloom was born 7 October 1831 and was christened in St John's Launceston on  1 February 1831.  
    2 . George was born in Sydney on 6 February 1834, christened 27 April 1834 at St Phillips, Sydney was buried in 1834 in Sydney.

    History & Achievements :

    Promoted to Sergeant during his service in India but was demoted having been found drunk at Tattoo a month before his discharge.   As he died so soon after returning to civilian life it is likely that his health had been
    affected during the 13 years spent overseas in NSW and India
    A detachment ( 4 Officers, 2 Serjeants, 1 Drummer 46 Rank and File and 6 women) of the Regiment, under command of Captain Williams, came to Australia on  the 'Larkins' ( left from Downs on 18 June 1831 and arrived
    in VDL on  19 October 1831 - probably Launceston).    Charles Bloom's wife Elizabeth Redford (married in Manchester 1828) was one of the six accompanying women.  
    On 19 December 1837 the Regiment sailed for Madras on the "Recovery".   From their later history, Elizabeth and Ellen Bloom did not sail with Charles.    From March, 1838 to April 1844 Charles served   with the 4th of Foot (King's Own) at posts in Madras, Bangalore, Bellary Belgaum, Kamptee,  Secundrabad and Poonamalee.     On 14 July 1842 he was promoted to Sergeant.   On return from India in July 1844, he was posted to Depot duty which involved recruiting, detachment to Tilbury Port and Guard duty at the Regiment's Depot.   Charles Bloom was transferred to the Invalid Depot on 2nd May and discharged as an Invalid on 11 June 1846.   He died and was buried at the House of Industry, Cowes in 1847.   His mother Ann Bloom dies 9 June 1850 at Northwood, Isle of Wight aged 80.
    Ellen Bloom was married to James Jolly, born 6 August 1828 in Sydney son of James Jolly (convict, arrived Sydney 1815 on 'Ocean', and later Verger of the 1st Sydney Circuit Methodist Church) and Ann Brown (convict, arrived 'Harmony' 1827 and married to James Jolly 12 February 1828.   Ellen and James were married in the Church of England Willoughby on 9 August 1849.   James Jolly was a waterman and the family lived at Blues Point.   Ellen's mother, Elizabeth, lived with them.   She died on 29 December 1850 and was buried at Willoughby Church of England.   The record includes the information that she was a widow at the time.   Only 15
    burials  are recorded for the parish of Willoughby for 1850 and one of these was Owen Stanley, Captain of H.M.S. Rattlesnake.   The Jolly Bloom family were early settlers on the North Shore of Sydney.    Ellen's death, which was before 1860, cannot be traced.   She had two sons, James George, born Sydney 1850, and George, born Willoughby 1851.  George died in 1853and the family was still living in Willoughby.   Her husband continued to
    live by the harbour until he died in 1907 at Mosman.   He was the first Australian born man to be awarded a Ferry Master's Ticket for Sydney Harbour.


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