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Sergeant Benjamin West ( c 1776....1860 )

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  • Born : circa 1776
  • Where : Blackburn , Lancashire
  • Baptised : 1/11/1781
  • Where baptised : Great Hallwood, Lancashire
  • Occupation : Soldier / Tailor
  • Date Arrived : 13/11/ 18170.
  • Ship Arrived on : Dick
  • Port arrived:  Sydney
  • Rank on Discharge : Sergeant
  • Date of Enlistment : 15th of August 1803 . 2nd/48th
  • Date of Discharge : 1824
  • Died : 16/6/1860 age 84
  • Where Died / Buried : St Mathews Church of England Windsor
  • Parents Names : Christopher West (b......d.) m Catherine Whalley (b.......d.)
  • 1st Spouse's Name : Bridget Riley (b.........d between 1828 & 1834)
  • Date Arrived : 13/11/ 18170.
  • Ship Arrived on : Dick
  • Port arrived: Sydney
  • Date Married : 1815
  • Where Married : Ireland
  • Spouse's Parents
  • 2nd Spouse's Name : Ann Green (b......d.)
  • Date Married : 19/5/1834
  • Where Married : St John's Church of England , Parramatta
  • Spouse's Parents

    Hello, Barrie, I note on your site re Thomas Ashton the last update was in Feb 2007 and there doesnít seem to be anyone listed as a contact or providing information for this person.

    I am curious about his connection to Benjamin West, also on your site, but with, more information.

    Do you have anything further re Thomas Ashton? I canít find him or his wife Mary in the 1828 Census. You have a death year of 1848 for him but I canít find this in NSW BDM Ė maybe he left NSW? But I did find the following:

    V18298309 2C/1829       ASHTON  THOMAS  AGE 44                  Buy Now        
    V18291235 13/1829       ASHTON  THOMAS  AGE 44                         

    When I looked at the film of this record it made reference to (his abode?) as the Barracks Canteen and he was in charge of that when he left the 48th Foot.

    Please note some updated information for Benjamin West: his daughter Catherine died 4 September 1869 as Elizabeth Townsend of Elizabeth Street South Sydney. She married Arthur Townsend and seems to have used both the name of Catherine and Elizabeth (and even Caroline). I have investigated her a lot as she may be my 3 x g grandmother.

    Benjaminís last daughter, Jane, died as Jane Leeson on 11 August 1898 at Southgate NSW.

    There is no record of Janeís birth nor of the death of Benjaminís first wife Bridget Riley West.

    Regards, Marilyn Long.

  • Children :

    1 . Cristopher West (b.1815....d.1878)
    2 . John West (b.5/5/1819....d.1837 Sydney )
    3 . William West (b.7/2/1821..Hobart Town....d.18/7/1876...Windsor) m Elizabeth Lyons. (b.....d.) ....Garry Sanders : ....... ......Garry is a descendant of Benjamin West's 3rd child , William West
    4 . James West (b.6/2/1823..Launceston Tasmania...d.)
    5 . Benjamin West (.b.10/11825 Sydney...d.1871.)
    6 . Catherine West (b.1826.....d.1869 )4 September 1869 as Elizabeth Townsend of Elizabeth Street South Sydney. She married Arthur Townsend and seems to have used both the name of Catherine and Elizabeth (and even Caroline)
    7 . JaneWest (b.1828.....d.)

    Descendants :

    Some of the information supplied Garry Sanders : .......
    Some of the information supplied Paul Dennett
    Area Settled :
    Lower Burragorang & Sydney

    History & Achievements :

    Private Benjamin West arrived in Australia as part of the North Hamptonshire Regiment (48th Regiment of Foot) contingent, on board the ship "Dick" on 3/11/1817. Benjamin enlisted in Dublin Ireland on the 15th of August 1803 at the age of 25. He eventually discharged in Sydney 1824 after service in the North Hamptonshire Regiment (48th Regiment of Foot) for a period of 21 years.
    Following discharge, he returned to his trade as a tailor with a pension of 1 shilling per day, his
    business being located in Clarence Street, Sydney. The 1828 census shows him as occupying this premises with his wife Bridget and six children, two of whom two were born following his discharge from the 48th Regiment .
    Private West was granted, by Sir Thomas Brisbane, land (100 acres) in the lower Burragorang in November
    1825 and sold this grant to John Harper in April 1838. Private West never resided at this property. He resided at Clarence Street Sydney until 1828 followed by Gross Street Parramatta from 1834 till 1840.
    Private Benjamin West died at the age of 84 in Windsor N.S.W. 16/6/1860.
    Private Benjamin West fought in the Peninsular War under the Duke Of Wellington. For his military service
    he was awarded the General Service Medal with 10 clasps.
    His General Service Medal represent the following Battles : Talavera -28/6/1809 : Busaco 27/9/1810 : Albuera 16/5/1811 : Ciudad-Rodrigo 19/1/1812 : Badajoz May 1812 : Salamanca 22/6/1812 :Vittoria 21/6/1812 : Pyrenees 9 days July 1813 : Orthes 27/2/1814 : , Toulouse 10/4/1814 :
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