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Drum Major Sergeant Benjamin Hodghon (c.1787....1862..)

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  • Born : circa 1787
  • Where Born :  Suffolk, England
  • Occupation : Blacksmith /Soldier
  • Date Arrived :  1817:
  • Ship Arrived on Matilda
  • Rank on Discharge :Drum Major
  • Date of Enlistment : 17 September 1807, age 22
  • Where Enlisted : Ipswich England
  • Date of Discharge : 30 September 1823
  • Where Discharged : Sydney
  • Died : 12 Sep 1862 age 75
  • Where Died / Buried : Liverpool Mental Asylum / Liverpool Cemetery
  • Parents Names :
  • Spouse's Name :HODGHON Anne
  • Date Married :
  • Where Married :
  • Date Arrived :  1817:
  • Ship Arrived on Matilda
  • Died :
  • Where Died / Buried :
  • Spouse 's Parents :
  • Descendants

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    Area Settled :



    Children :
    1 . HODGHON Anne Arrived free on "Matilda" 1817

    2 . HODGHON Alexander Born in Colony

    3 . HODGHAM Benjamin b. July 6 1819August 8 1819 Son Benjamin and Ann Hodgham at Sydney, St Philips Sydney
    4 . HODGHON William b. April 4 1825 August 28 1825 Son Benjamin and Ann Hodghon at Sydney, St Philips Sydney

    History & Achievements :

    Drum Major Benjamin Hodghon arrived in Australia as part of the North Hamptonshire Regiment (48th
    Regiment of Foot) contingent, on board one of three ships on 3/11/1817 "Dick" . The" Braque. Matilda ", and HM. ship " Lloyd's " He began his military career on the 17/9/1807 age 22. He was to become one of the highest decorated soldiers of the Regiment, one of only three to receive 12 clasps on the General Service Medal. These being for the following battles Battle of Vimeiro 21/8/1808 : : Retreat to Corunna & Vigo 16/1/1809 : : Battle of Talavera -28/6/1809 : : Battle of Busaco 27/9/1810 : : Battle of Albuera 16/5/1811 : : Siege of Ciudad-Rodrigo  8/1/1812 : : Siege of Badajoz 1812 : :   Salamanca 22/6/1812  : : Battle of Battle of Vittoria 21/6/1813 : :  Battles of Nivelle  ,Orthes , and Toulouse \ Pyrenees and Southern France 1813-1814
    Beginning his career he was to serve in a variety of positions . Drummer and Bugler of the Light Company
    In April of 1818 he was promoted from corporal to Drum Major Sergeant and stayed in the position until 30/9/1823 when he was discharged from the Regiment .
    Benjamin Hodghon was to become part of the Regiments Headquarters' staff in Sydney under the
    commander Colonel Erskin.
    Following his discharge he held a position in the Commissariat until October 1827. He was then
    date appointed Chief Constable of Windsor. Unfortunately corruption became the better of him, and along with his daughter was convicted of defrauding a woman of 500 pounds. He was dismissed from his position and sentenced to four years gaol. It is recorded in the census that he was living at Liverpool Street West in 1834.
    Benjamin died at the Liverpool Mental Asylum in 1862
    Sydney Gazette Index - Mitchell Library:
    ¨ 19 February 1827 - 2d - Recommended for the position of Superintendent of the
    hulk Phoenix
    ¨ 14 May 1827 - 2c - Would be suitable for appointment as officer of the Customs
    ¨ 28 September 1827 - 2e - Appointed Chief Constable Windsor:
    "The Chief Constable of Sydney we understand is bestowed upon Mr Jilks now
    doing duty at Windsor Mr Hodghon the ex-drum Major of the 48th and for many
    years employed in the Commissariat is intended to supply the place of Mr Jilks at
    Windsor. We are happy to see the interests of n old soldier, one who has fought
    under Wellington, though merely a non-commissioned officer - attended to -
    especially where family is concerned."
    * * *
    Manuscript Index - Mitchell Library - A820, p130:
    ¨ Appointed Chief Constable Windsor, 1 October 1827
    ¨ Salary £130.0.0 in 1830
    The Australian Index - Mitchell Library:
    Hodghon Benjamin Chief Constable Windsor:
    ¨ Witness in burglary case May 28 1828
    ¨ Subscribes to Hibernia Fund August 9 1833
    ¨ Mare and filly found April 4 1835
    ¨ List of Articles to be sold November 10 1835
    * * *
    1828 Census:
    HODGON Benjamin
    ¨ Arrived free on "Matilda" 1817
    Religion - Protestant
    ¨ Age - 41
    ¨ Occupation - Chief Constable Windsor
    ¨ Ref No H2023
    HODGHON Anne
    ¨ Arrived free on "Matilda" 1817
    ¨ Religion - Protestant
    ¨ Age - 34
    ¨ Ref No H2024
    HODGHON Anne
    ¨ Arrived free on "Matilda" 1817
    ¨ Religion - Protestant
    ¨ Age - 12
    ¨ Ref No H2025
    HODGHON Benjamin
    ¨ Born in Colony
    ¨ Religion - Protestant
    ¨ Age - 9
    ¨ Ref No H2026
    HODGHON Alexander
    ¨ Born in Colony
    ¨ Religion - Protestant
    ¨ Age - 6
    ¨ Ref No H2027
    HODGHON William
    ¨ Born in Colony
    ¨ Religion - Protestant
    ¨ Age - 3
    ¨ Ref No H2028
    * * *
    "Early Days in Windsor"
    Records Benjamin HODGHSEN as Chief Constable Windsor, 1827-35
    * * *
    Memorial of Benjamin Hodghon late Drum Major 48th Reg't - February 6th 1824 -
    NSW State Archives - Secretary's Correspondence, 1831 Reel 12194 Ref 4/2167
    "To His Excellency
    Lieut. General Ralph Darling
    Captain And Governor in Chief in and over the Territory of New South Wales and its
    The respectful Memorial of Benjamin Hodghon, of Windsor,
    Most dutifully Setteth Forth:
    That Memoralist was about 24 years in His Majesty's Service, 18 of which were spent in the 48th Reg. Of Foot, and came to this Colony with the Head Quarters of
    that Regiment AD 1817; that during that stay of that Reg. at Sydney, Memoralist 'conduct came under the observation of the Colonial Government, at whose earnest suggestion, and on account of his family, was induced to apply for his "discharge by request", which was granted, and in 1823 Memoralist quitted the service.
    That immediately on quitting the army, Memoralist was placed by Mr Deputy Commissioned Wigins, in the Commissariat Department, and on account of Memoralist' s increasing Family, several gentleman recommended Memoralist for a Grant of Land, and His Excellency Sir Thomas Brisbane, KCB was graciously pleased to order Memoralist one hundred acres, which order is now in the Office of
    the Surveyor General of the Colony. That Memoralist most dutifully begs to say, that while in the Commissariat's Department, both his own exertions and good wishes of gentleman who gave him
    their patronage, to make diligent inquiry concerning this land, and he did so: but that the late John Oxley, Esquire, Surveyor General complained of the preference of business and a paucity of Surveyors, and said that Memoralist's application should be attended to in the regular order of the Office transactions, and Memoralist begs dutifully to add that his brother soldiers who left the army at the same time, and alike received a gift of 100 acres of land, under similar circumstances with Memoralist, sold their interest in their grants expectation of to persons who found minutes of having same measured and located, but Memoralist who would sell his land, he intending it for the use of his family, and Memoralist, is therefore induced to hope that His Excellency may be graciously pleased not all the Government Notice of 3rd October 1826 and 3rd October 1827 to operate to his prejudice as Memoralist was unfortunately under circumstances of which he had no power to control. That Memoralist begs most dutifully to say that should His Excellency the Governor Grant Memoralist the original position of 100 acres of land, he could select the same at Curryjong among other settlers recently retired from the army, a respectable clap of settlers suited to Memoralist's overseer, and Memoralist will also place his oldest son upon the land and immediately fence and improve the same, and erect a suitable home.
    That Memoralist has held the situation of Chief Constable of Windsor upwards of 3 years and still continues in that office, on which he does not make application for Grant of Fee, but in Service, and having such ample means of improving the same, by the exertions of his oldest son, under the experience of Sergeant Kingswood, as Overseer, he humbly trusts, under all the circumstances, that His Excellency may be Pleased to comply with Memoralist's Prays:
    May it therefore please His Excellency to give the above His favourable consideration, and Memoralist firmly relying upon His Excellency's…. kind…. As in duty bound
    Will Murphy
    Windsor 5th February 1831
    Memo. Memoralist is proprietor of -
    Twenty two h…. Cattle,
    Two horses,
    Implements of Agriculture
    Family Members, Military records  ,Pay rolls, Pay Musters, Cemetery Records, Church Records & General Muster Records, Mitchell Library ,Sydney Australia
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