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The begining of the 48th's term Sydney (1817-1820)

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The Forward guard of the 48th Regiment arrived onboard the "Pilot ", a convict transport at Port Jackson , on the 28th July, 1817.
The Regiment's Battalion Headquarters Division , under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Erskine,
arrived onboard the "Barque..Matilda " . at Port Jackson on 3rd August 1817. On this voyage were 13 officers, 179 "other ranks "and 50 women and children.
The remainder of the 48th under Brevert Major Thomas Bell,CB, sailed on HM. ships " Lloyd's " ,
carrying 200 of the garrison arrived on 30 August, 1817 & "Dick " under Major Gilbert Cimitiere with the largest party arriving 3rd September 1817. The 48th's stay in N.S.W. had began during turbulent times in the colony. The govenor had established a settlement that was progressing forward as a town of fortune. But the unrest between the Government and the military had caused a great deal of friction within the settlement . Regiments were replaced on a fairly regular basis as they had a tendency to do as they pleased . The 73rd Regiment replaced the 102nd Regiment ,as the officer had deposed the then govenor Royal Navy Captain William Bligh and siezed control of the government of the colony in 1809. Eventually calm was restored and government control returned .
Sydney town had began to develop roads and outer colonies. Hobart Town had been settled as had
Newcastle ,Richmond, Parramatta, Windsor .Norfolk Island ,settled in 1788 was all but abandoned.
The Govenor of the time, Macquarie, had made many improvements which had bought him the admiration
of the populace. The course of action he was to take next was to bring him in direct conflict with the 46th Regiment the regiment that replaced his own ,the 73rd . This was to flow on to the 48th . He intended to restore society worthy emancipists, those who had completed their sentences and had established themselves as substantial members of the colonial community.
This was opposed by the officers of the 46th Regiment, when he wanted to introduce selected emancipists
into the mess of the 46th . The tension between the government and the 46th grew , in July 1817 Macquarie intended to lay charges against the officers of the 46th for insubordination. Macquarie hoped that the arrival of the 48th Regiment under a far more tolerant man's command would ease this tension .
Macquarie instigated the "Rule of Exclusion " to apply to any regiment that succeeded the 46th . The
48th were barracked at the new George street barracks. They were to share the barracks with the regiment they were to replace, the 46th. The command accepted with reservation the "Rule of Exclusion " and tension eased . The 48th regiment took command from the 46th on the 12th of August at Hyde Park .
The 48th was soon introduced to the formal duties of the colony with many of the officers and men
confined to as they termed, mundane chores. This was in some ways not being the case for a good percentage .They were to assist in the exploration and settlement of a great number of territories. The 48th's problems with the 46th Regiment were to follow them to many places,and many times bought them into direct conflict (politically) with each other.
When the Regiment's tour of duty in New South Wales ended in 1824 , ten percent of the veteran other
ranks and several officers settled in N.S.W .Many regional centres and the surrounding towns were settled by members of the 48th Regiment. Soldiers became farmers, trading their rifles for ploughs,their only enemies mother nature, not human nature.
Excerpt from Clem Sargant's book THE COLONIAL GARRISON 1818-1824 published 1996

Militery records of the 46th 48th, Regiment

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