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Major Philip Nicolle Anley (.1795......1877.)


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Area Settled :
Children :
1 . Jane Limpriere Anley (b...England ........d.)
2 . George Anley (b...England ........d.)
3 . Louisa Anley (b...England ........d.)
4 . James Limpriere Anley (b...England ........d.)
5 . Charles Anley (b.1831. Maitland ........d.)
6 . Mary Anley (b.1832. Maitland ........d.)


History & Achievements :

On the 20th February 1836 he sailed as the officer in charge of Invalids. He sailed via the Roslyn Castle and returned the Invalid soldier back to England leaving his family in Australia . He later returned to his family in Australia

Grandfather of (Brig) Frederick Gore Anley 1864-1937 Brother of Marie Charlotte Anley cr15 Apr1790, a
prison reformer who was sent to New South Wales to check on the plight of prisoners, by Elizabeth Fry ( the great emancapist) Served in Ireland 1826-7, Rochdale 1828.Chatham 1829. India?? Departed UK for New South Wales on or about 19 Sept 1830 Ship?? Arrived served in NSW Australia 1831-1835 Captain of 17th Regiment of Foot "Served as Magistrate at Maitland NSW 1831- 1836 Including in (Rex v Foley ) a much celebrated rape case No evidence offered = Prisoner not guilty, released, complainant guilty of perjury and contempt. Promoted to Major July 1833 " A brutal and detested man" (according to Ethel Maitlands family History). "He had a habit of having condemned men hung at breakfast time so he could watch the sentence being carried out from his rooms while he ate"
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