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Private Leonard Teazacker (c1815 .. 1895)

Information supplied by Peter Hayes

From April 1841 to September 1841, Leonard was stationed at Port Arthur Penal Colony, Van Dieman’s Land.

He arrived in Adelaide in October 1841 with a detachment of A Company, 96th Regiment, on the “Eudora” and was subsequently stationed in garrisons at Grenfell Street, Adelaide, Port Lincoln and Edward John Eyre’s – Protector of Aborigines - settlement Moorundie on the River Murray.

On 16th May 1846 members of the 96th Regiment left the South Australian Colony aboard the “Brackenmoor” and rejoined headquarters at Launceston.

The 96th Regiment departed Hobart on the “Java” which called into Adelaide. The remaining members of ‘A’ Company from Adelaide rejoined the Regiment and arrived in Swan River, WA in February 22nd 1847.

We know Leonard Teazicker served with the Regiment in WA until it left Australia for Calcutta in 1849, when he was transferred to the 99th Regiment of Foot to await discharge.

Descendants: Children: (Note spelling change on marriage cert.)

1. Agnes Tazicker. b. presumed Burra circa 1864,

d. in childbirth 23rd July 1891, at Pine Creek (Momba Station via Wilcannia ) NSW.

2. Thomas Tazicker. b. Aberdeen S.A. 18/8/1866, presumed d. in infancy.

3. Thomas Tazicker. b. Netley Hill Station SA, 30/12/1870 d. Eastwood SA July 14th 1964 m. Mary Ferguson Norwood SA 10/10/1895.b. 1870 d. 30th October 1938.

2nd Spouse's Name: Ann McCumley.

Born: Unknown.

Where: Unknown.

Condition: Spinster.

Date Arrived: Unknown.

Ship Arrived on: Unknown.

Date Married: 23rd March 1876.

Where Married: Mt Bryan Station, South Australia.

Spouse's Parents: Robert McCumley.

Where Died: Parkside, Adelaide SA. 28th March 1904.

Buried: West Terrace Cemetery. Plot 1s, 16e, 21.

Child of 2nd Marriage:

Leonard & Ann McCumley

1. Flory b. 20th Jan 1880, Oulnina Station, Mannahill SA. d. 18th Feb 1957 RGH. Magill SA.

History & Achievements :

The Murchison River Expedition, WA.

Condensed from reports published in Perth Gazette 30th Dec 1848.

Private Leonard Tazicker with Private John Gaskine, under the charge of Corporal Thomas Bailey, accompanied an expedition to the Murchison River area in December 1848.

The Assistant Surveyor of W.A., Mr. A.C. Gregory (later Sir Augustus Charles Gregory) led the expedition, and was accompanied by his Excellency the Governor of Western Australia, Charles Fitzgerald, plus two of his personal staff.

On 1st December 1848, the expedition left Fremantle in the brig Champion, arriving at Champion Bay (now Geraldton) on 3rd December.The party travelled in a north-easterly direction, trailed by a small band of natives who intermittently enjoyed handouts of party provisions.On 11th December after their work was complete, they commenced their return to Champion Bay.

Originally, the aboriginal s had numbered about 8 to 10, but were later joined by several other parties which increased their numbers exceeding 50, when they altogether changed their friendly manner and began to bring up their spears. The natives followed the expedition at close range taking advantage of the thick cover and threatening the party with a shower of spears, stones, kylies and dowaks. One expedition member at the rear was grabbed and threatened with a short heavy stick and he called out to the soldiers not to leave him. At the same time, a spear struck the Governor in the leg above the knee with such force as to protrude two feet on the other side. (The shaft was withdrawn from the leg after removing the spearhead).

The Governor, notwithstanding his wound, continued to direct the party, and once they reached the beach, the expedition was able to travel much quicker and was soon aboard the Champion and returned safely to Perth. On the 6th December 1859, Leonard Tazicker arrived on the brig Champion at Port Adelaide, having left Fremantle on the 9th November 1859. 

Area Settled :

It is presumed from family recollections that Leonard first found work at Burra SA, possibly in the copper mine. After that Leonard worked on sheep stations in the north eastern area of South Australia as a boundary rider or shepherd. From 1876 to 1886, he worked as a boundary rider on Oulnina Station near Mannahill S.A.


KJN Genealogy, London England.

The name of Private Leonard Teazicker # 1242 is listed under the Quarterly Pay List of 96th Regiment - 1st. April 1847 -  30th June 1847, sourced from Whitley's  contribution in 1970, 355.009 WH1, to the Battye Library, State Library W.A. "The Military Establishment in WA 1829-1863”.

Military records, Pay Rolls, Pay Musters, from A.J.C.P., Flinders University, Adelaide SA.

WO 12/9610: 1837 to 1839. WO 12/9611: 1839 to 1840.

WO 12/9624: 1849 to 1850. WO 12/9625 1850 to 1851.

WO 12/9626 1851 to 1562.

The Perth Gazette, 19th December 1848.

Family Members, Cemetery Records, Church Records.

Information supplied by Peter Hayes

Family Members, Military records  ,Pay rolls, Pay Musters, Cemetery Records, Church Records & General Muster Records, Mitchell Library ,Sydney Australia
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