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" Tellicherry "

Date Arrived : Sydney 16 February 1806  sailed  31 08 1805  from  Cowes Cork a trip of 174 days
     2 male & 136 Female Convicts 6 Female Deaths
The ship made its long delayed departed from Cork on 31 August 1805 with the convicts under the guard of British soldiers and the vessel being manned by a crew of forty. The vessel arrived in Sydney on St Valentines Day (14 Feb) 1806 disembarkation completed on 16 February 1806 . There is some dispute about the exact numbers of convicts but none that the Captain was Thomas Cozens.
The Wicklow Five a travesty of Justice
Some History behind the Tellicherry

The names listed below were researched and supplied by Norma J  ???????  This information may not contain information specifically regarding a Soldier settling in Australia however, the information will show what is currently know about the Soldiers / Redcoats.



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