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Private Thomas Stafford (.c 1805 / 1860.)


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BARRETT, Johanna        EM 42788        Marriage
Spouse: STAFFORD, Thomas                        
 Index Year:    1846
Reg Year:       1846    Reg State:      New South Wales
Ref Number:     V1846443 94     Parish: Sydney, St Mary's, Roman Catholic (1) 

STAFFORD, Thomas        CD 839611  Death
Father:  Thomas
Mother: Unknown
Age at Death:   55
Birthplace:     She
Reg Year:       1860    Reg State:      Sydney
Ref Number:     1369    (1) 

STAFFORD, Johanna       CD 839515  Death
Father: Dillon
Mother: Unknown Halloran
Spouse           Thomas
        Index Year:     1856
        Reg Year:       1856    Reg State:      New South Wales1856
        Ref Number:     221 (1) 

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 Edmund Barrett,was a soldier in 99 th Foot


Sydney Morning Herald, Monday 27 Aug 1860***** ****** ******

Coroner's Inquest.-The City Coroner held an inquest at his office on Saturday, on the body of a man named Thomas Stafford, aged fifty five years. It appeared from the evidence adduced, that the deceased was a vendor of Fish and lived in Barrack street, he had been married four times, and the fourth wife, to whom at the time of his death he had been married but two months left him about a fortnight ago in consequent of his intemperate habits. He had been drinking to excess daily for five weeks prior to his demise, and when his wife left him he became more reckless than ever , he sold off everything he had and spent the proceeds on rum A Mrs Clarke, -who lived near the deceased, having heard to what an abjective state he had reduced himself, gave him a bed and blanket, and supplied food to his son, a little fellow of seven years, who would otherwise have probably been starved , she also brought food to the deceased, but he refused to take anything but rum As a result of this intemperate course of conduct the deceased became exhausted, and on Friday, through the representation of the case to the police by Mrs. Clarke, he was removed to the Infirmary, where he expired a few minutes after admission The deceased had been a soldier, and was in the receipt of a pension of 1s per day Verdict -"Died from exhaustion brought on by intemperate habits, exposure, and neglect. " 

Sydney Morning Herald Sat 1 Sep 1860 Thomas Stafford, a fish vendor, aged 55, has died suddenly from the combined effects of intemperate habits, exposure, and neglect.

Empire Sydney 1 Sep 1860.- The following inquests have been held during the week:-I. On the body of Margaret Lynott, aged 60Verdiot-Died from hemorrhage, theresult of disease and intemperance. 4. On the body of Thomas Stafford, aged 55. Verdict-died from exhaustion, brought on by intemperate habits, exposure, and neglect

Sydney Morning Hrald 21 Sep 1860 Thomas Stafford, a fish vendor, aged 55, has died suddenly from the combined effects of intemperate habits, exposure, and neglect.

(1) Australian Vital Records Index Period 1788 till 1905.
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