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Mcalpine letter to his sister

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Private in 21st Regiment Royal Scottish Fusiliers, formerly Royal North British Fusiliers.

1833 Escort on convict ship.

Detached to Oatlands in 3rd Muster, October 1833. The principal base was Hobart but whenever they sent out groups to different parts they called them Musters.

In 1834 he was in the regimental Hospital, 25th to 28th April. Court martialled by a District Court on 29th April and sentenced to 4 months imprisonment, commencing 2nd May. He rejoined the regiment on 28th August. He was on forfeiture of pay for two years commencing 28th August. He was then sent on detachment at Waterloo Point.

He sent his letter to Catherine on 27th November but although he asked her to intercede on on his behalf with the Governor I believe nothing would have happened due to his record.

The further calendar of service:

1.4.1835 to 30.9.1836 on detachment to Waterloo Point, which could be in Hobart. On 30th Sept.the period of two years of forfeiture of pay finished

1.10.1836 to 31.3.1837 on detachment still at Waterloo point.

1.4.1837 to 31.12.1837 on detachment at Port Arthur.

1.1.1838 to 31.3.1838 on detachment at Port Arthur. In penitentiary for 20 days. Forfeiture of pay for 306 days from 1.3.1838.

1.4.1838 to 30.9.1838 on detachment at Green Ponds, now called Kempton.

1.10.1838 to 31.12.1838 on detachment at Green Ponds. Nine days in regimental hospital. Appointed Drummer on 9.11.1838

1.1.1839 to 31.3.1840 Drummer, Tasmania.

In April, 1840 the regiment was transferred to Calcutta.

1.6.1840 to 30.6.1840 time in hospital.

1.7.1840 to 30.11.1840 duty in Calcutta.

1.12.1840 to 31.12.1840 on detachment in Dinapore, West Bengal.

1.1.1841 to 31.5.1840 in Dinapore, West Bengal

8.6.1841 DIED in hospital, Dinapore. There are three cemeteries in Dinapore, he was probably buried in Dinapore No. 2 judging from the dates the cemeteries were commenced and finished.

In India there were more British soldiers dying from sickness than dying in battle. Also many of their families, women and children.

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