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Maharajpoor Star

Maharajpoor Star : Private M Hughes, 39th Regiment

We have not changed the wording below as the medal was given in remembrance of the Soldiers below.

Awarded to Private HUGHES Mathew  of the 39th Regiment. The stars, made from Indian guns captured during the battle, were approved in January 1844 and granted to all troops who had taken part in the campaign under General sir Hugh Gough to defeat the Mahrattas in a fortified position at Maharajpoor. Originally the stars were issued with hooks for suspension but were changed to include a ribbon bar suspender fitted to a loose ring. This medal is part of a collection assembled by the late Hon. Sir Thomas Hughes, Member of the Legislative Council of New South Wales. It was presented to the Memorial in memory of his son, Captain Roger Forrest Hughes, Australian Army Medical Corps, who died of wounds in France on 11 December 1916 and his grandson, Flying Officer Peter Roger Forrest Hughes, 12 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force, who was killed on active service while flying in the Northern Territory on 3 October 1942.

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