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Colour Sergeant Charles Henry Harley (1820 ....1890.)

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HARLEY, Charles	CM 404100	Marriage	Age:	31	
	Spouse:	BARRY, Catherine		Age:	24
	Marriage Date:	04 Aug 1851	
 	Reg Year:	1851	Reg State:	Tasmania                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ref Number: 653  (1) 

HARLEY, Charles Henry	CD 369420  Death
	Sex:	Male 
  	Age at Death:	72
 	Death Date:	18 Sep 1890
 	Reg Year:	1890	Reg State:	Tasmania
	Ref Number:	755	(1)

HARLEY, Catherine	CD 369419  Death
	Sex:	Female
  	Age at Death:	52
 	Death Date:	03 Dec 1879
 	Reg Year:	1880	Reg State:	Tasmania
	Ref Number:	238 (1)
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  On this voyage the St Vincent was not specifically a convict transport, she was mainly carrying immigrants and three members of the royal Engineers. Catherine's crime would have been very minor as she was allowed to marry almost immediately after her arrival.

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