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" Glatton "

Originally an  she arrived  Sydney  25/12/1793  (East Indiaman is the type of ship meaning  she carried cargo, Passengers and was armed with Cannon aid to defend her self ). She was bought by the Royal Navy in1795 and converted into a warship. She became the HMS Glatton a 56 - gun 4th rate ship of the line. She most likely carried free settlers and supplies for the colony.  A fourth-rate was, during the1700's, a  ship of the line mounting 50-60 guns .The fourth rate was considered too weak to stand in the line of battle. The few that remained were relegated to convoy escort, or as flagships a number were  converted to troopships. It appears she carried no convicts on this voyage

  • Soldiers of the New South Wales Corps on board who may have stayed. Some where convicts who later enlisted.




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