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Private George Grix (Greeks / Greaks) (.c1827......1871. )

Settled in New Zealand

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Area Settled :
Children :
Called GREEKS on his marriage cert., and his male children carried on using GREEKS, but daughter Mary Ann's marriage cert. calls her GRIX and daughter Edith Ann's marriage cert. calls her GREAKS


History & Achievements :
" Java,"
Departed Woolwich 18 May 1846, arrived Hobart Town 5 October 1846, passengers - 14 officers, 624 NCOs and men. 1 sergeant and 6 privates died on voyage.
Departed Hobart 8 October 1846 and arrived in Sydney 13 October 1846, passengers - in addition shipped the men who had arrived on the John Calvin.
Recharted to carry the Regiment to New Zealand - departed Sydney 8 November 1846, arrived Bay of Islands 19 November 1846 where 2 companies (200 men) disembarked, left for Auckland carrying 4 companies of the 65th and the detachment of the 58th that the 65th had relieved at Wahapu, arriving 22 November 1846.
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