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Sergeant Earnest Edward Burgoyne  ( c.1794.........1854.)

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  • Born : c 1794 (his age given as 60 years when he died on 13 December 1854)
  • Where Born : unknown
  • Occupation :  Soldier, Farmer (on baptism of daughter Catharine in 1835, occupation given as farmer at North West Bay)
  • Date Arrived :  8 September 1828
  • Ship Arrived on : "Countess of Harcourt   "
  • Port Arrived : Sydney
  • Rank on Discharge : Private
  • Date of Army Enlistment :   61st Regiment  attached 63rd Regiment
  • Where Enlisted Army :
  • Transfered :
  • Regimental # :  
  • Date Discharged Army :  
  • Comments Regarding Army Discharge :
  • Where Discharged :
  • Died : 13 December 1854, Reg No 1625/1854
  • Where Died / Buried :  Died Tasmania – buried Queenborough Cemetery, Sandy Bay – re-interred at Cornelian Bay, from State Library of Tasmania
  • Parents Names :
  • Spouse's Name : Catherine Cruse (or Cruise or Cruice)
  • Date Married : Abt 1836, from Archives of Tasmania
  • Where Married :Hobart, Tasmania
  • Spouse's Parents :
  • Born : 1797 (age given as 90 years on death registration on 17 December 1887 – died in her 91st year)
  • Where Born :  Ireland (given on death registration)
  • Occupation : Home duties
  • Date Arrived :
  • Ship Arrived on :
  • Died : 17 December 1887
  • Where Died / Buried New Wharf, Hobart, Tasmania.  Buried at Queenborough Cemetery, Sandy Bay and re-interred at Cornelian Bay Cemetery from State Library of Tasmania
  • Descendants
    Some information supplied by Jan


    Area Settled :
    1835 his abode is recorded as North West Bay, Tasmania
    Children :
    BURGOYNE, Daniel born 1830, Christening 3497/1830 RGD 32, Hobart Town, Tasmania and died 24 June 1872 in Hobart Town, Tasmania 982/1872 RGD 35
    BURGOYNE, Thomas born 1833, Christening 4901/1833 RGD 32, Hobart Town, Tasmania, married Mary Ann Moore 1855 in Hobart Town, Tasmania 679/1855 RGD 37
    Thomas Burgoyne’s Registration gives his father’s name as Edwardi and mother’s name as Cruice, Catharinae (Latin)
    BURGOYNE, Catharine (spelt with an “a” instead of an “e”) born 5 October 1835, Christening 6 May 1836 at St David’s, Hobart Town in the County of Buckingham, Tasmania 6762/1836 RGD 32, married George Thomas Hubbard on 4 May 1854 in Hobart, Tasmania 698/1854 RGD 37, died 21 January 1905 at 61 Wigram Road, Glebe, NSW and buried in Rookwood Cemetery, Catholic Section
    BURGOYNE, Rosa born 1838, Christening 27 June 1838 1398/1841 RGD 32 in Hobart, Tasmania, married James Watkins in Hobart, Tasmania 257/1864 RGD 37 
    BURGOYNE, Frances born 1840, Christening 25 October 1840 1399/1841 RGD 32, in Hobart Tasmania and married Austin Kerr on 24 January 1859 284/1859 RGD 37
    Catharine Hubbard, born 1835 Hobart, died 1905 Glebe NSW
    History & Achievements :
    In 1837 he is recorded in the Census in the District of New Town, Reference POL361/1 Page 69
    Names of free persons M & F in the house, above the age of 14 years:
    John Fox
    Thomas Horton
    Petter Muller
    Edward Burgoyne
    Cathrene Fox
    Names of free persons M & F in the house, under the age of 14 years
    John Fox
    James Fox
    Henry Fox
    Mary Fox
    Rosey Fox
    One male convict in employ, nil female convicts in employ
    Signed John Fox
    1854 when he died, they were living in King Street, Hobart, Tasmania
    In the Mercury (Hobart) 31 December 1870, a marriage for Kate Angela O’Sullivan is listed as being grand-daughter of Mr Edward Burgoyne of Queensborough, Tasmania. 
    In the Mercury (Hobart) 13 June 1872, a death of a James Burgoyne, Cooper, third son of the late Edward Burgoyne of the 63rd Regiment.  I do not have a James recorded as a child of Edward Burgoyne and Catherine Cruse – he would have been born 1829.  However, when Daniel Burgoyne died, he was listed as the fourth son, so there may be two other sons born before James.
    In the Mercury (Hobart) 28 June 1872, a death of a Daniel Burgoyne, fourth son of the late Mr Edward Burgoyne of the 63rd Regiment.  Funeral to leave from Mr Hubbard’s Kelly-street on Saturday at two o’clock.  (Mr Hubbard would have been George Thomas Hubbard, his brother-in-law, husband of Catharine Burgoyne).
    All the above newspaper notices from the National Library of Australia digitalised collection.
    Mercury (Hobart) 31 December 1870,
    In the Mercury (Hobart) 13 June 1872,
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