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Individual Report for Eades, Joseph


Individual Summary:

Eades, Joseph













Eades, Joseph



Millard, Catherine







Individual Facts:










Eades, Joseph




07 Jan 1789 in Deritend and Bordesley, Warwickshire, England



26 Dec 1864 in Emu Swamp, Orange, NSW.[1]





Shared Facts:

Pritchard, Elizabeth







Abt. 1814 in England




Eades, Henry



Eades, Mary



Eades, Joseph



Eades, Eleanor



Eades, Edward J



Eades, William











Person Notes:

Joseph, aged 11 years, joined the NSW Corps as a drummer in Sydney in




1800 and sailed for England on 12 May 1810 on board the Hindostan (also



on board was William Bligh) in 1810 when the New South Wales Corps.



(102 Regt.) was recalled. He was discharged in 1811. While in England he



married Elizabeth Pritchard and they had two children a boy and a girl.



The family returned to Australia on board the "Shipley" in 1817 and in



November 1818 they travelled to Derwent, Tasmania on board the "Prince



Leopold". They returned to NSW in 1819 where the remainder of their



children were born.



On  10  June  1818  their  third  child,  a  son  named  Joseph,  was  born.



According to his death certificate he was born in Pitt Town, Sydney.



Joseph next appeared in The Colonial Secretary Index, 1788-1825 showing



that the family had travelled to Tasmania in December 1818 on board the



“Prince Leopold”. According to the newspaper “The Hobart Town Gazette



and Southern Reporter” dated Saturday 9 January 1819 Joseph Eades was



appointed a Constable of Hobart on 9 Jan. 1819. They only remained in



Tasmania for about three months. The Tasmanian Archives shipping shows



Joseph returned to NSW on the “Surrey” on 7 April 1819, travelling from



Hobart to Port Jackson. A fourth child named Eleanor was born on 8 July



1820 in New South Wales.



In 1820 Joseph applied for a grant of land and two cows. In his book “The



Second Fleet” Michael Flynn states: “In May 1820, describing himself as a



resident of the Evan district, Eades petitioned Governor Macquarie for a



land grant and two cows. He stated that he had married in England and



returned to the colony and was now supporting four small children. The



petition was annotated 80 acres and a grant was issued to him in early



1821. He was then aged about 31.



A further two children were born, Edward J baptised in 1823 and William



born in 1825.



In June 1825 he successfully petitioned the Governor for the grant of an



allotment in the township of Richmond to enable him to build a cottage for



his wife and six young helpless children. Colonial Secretary’s Index



1788-1825 shows this land was granted in 1825.



The 1828 Census for NSW shows the family was separated, with some of



the children living away from home and presumably working. The mother








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Individual Report for Eades, Joseph


Individual Summary:

Eades, Joseph




















Eades, Joseph










Millard, Catherine


































Elizabeth age 27 was working as a housekeeper for John Riggs in Pitt




Town with the youngest children William age 3 ½ and Jane age 2. John



Riggs was a 63 year old farmer of Pitt Town who had arrived in NSW on



the “Glatton” in 1803 as a convict and was granted a pardon in 1813.



Joseph age 10 was living with Charles Leary, 36 and his wife Sarah on their



farm at Richmond. Charles was convicted in Dublin and arrived in NSW in



1813. Ellen age 9 was a servant at the house of Mary Verey of Castlereagh



Street. This census does not show the whereabouts of Henry who would



have been 16, Mary aged 14 or Edward aged 6. Joseph Eades senior does



not appear in this census, however the following newspaper advertisement



shows that he was appointed a Constable in October 1827:






The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, Wednesday 2



January 1828, page 1:























HIS EXCELLENCY the GOVERNOR has been pleased to approve of the



following Alterations in the









Constables  appointed.…….Joseph  Eades,  per  Shipley,  on  the  1st  of



October, l827……..










Joseph's wife Elizabeth was shown to be living with James Thompson and



they had three children Jane 1826, Sarah 1829, James 1931.





Some time before May 1834 Joseph Eades received a grant of land in the



Bathurst area. This was portion 29 in the Parish of Kelso, County of



Roxburgh and comprised 80 acres.









In about 1849 he was listed as a resident of Emu Springs, Orange living



with his son Joseph (born 1818). Henry Eades (probably his oldest son)



died  on  19  August  1857  at  Clifton  Grove,  District  of  Orange  NSW,



occupation domestic servant, age 43, place of birth Leeds, England. His



daughter Eleanor married John Thomas Collins and had nine children.



He died on 26 Dec 1864 at Emu Swamp, District of Orange NSW. His



death certificate shows he was a pensioner age 81 years and that he was



buried on 28 December 1864 in the Orange Cemetery.





Individual Report for Eades, Joseph


Individual Summary:

Eades, Joseph












Eades, Joseph




Millard, Catherine










1    Death of Joseph Eades 1864, NSW Death Registration Transcript Ref. NO. 1864/4986. Joseph  Eades, date of death 26 Dec 1864 at Emu Swamp, District of Orange NSW, pensioner age 81  years. Father Joseph Eades farmer mother Catherine Miller (Millard?) cause of death Natural  Causes, burial 28 Dec 1864 at Cemetery, Orange, witnesses J Eades, J Robbard. Informant J A  Sempler, Coroner, Narrambla. Registered 31 Dec 1864 Orange.

 (1) The Australian Vital Records Disks one to four  1788 till 1905
Family Members, Military records  ,Pay rolls, Pay Musters, Cemetery Records, Church Records & General Muster Records, Mitchell Library ,Sydney Australia
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