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Men listed as deserting from their Regiment


These men have been recorded as deserters from the Regiment in which they served. There is more than a strong possibility these men eventually settled. We have included them as they received a description etc. this list may be of help to their descendants. Today ,we understand why these men deserted, in many cases they were treated worse than the convicts. We have listed some in their Regiment , however in many cases the regiment did not directly record them. Most have been recorded with their Regiment

YATES, George

Pte, 854 12th

19.3yrs, 5’6”, fair complexion, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes; wagoner; born Pembridge Staffordshire; deserted at Sydney on 17.3.1861.


Pte, 384 12th

20.10yrs, 5’4”, dark complexion, Black hair, brown eyes; enlisted 9.6.1859 Middleton labourer; born Mayfield Staffordshire; deserted at Lambing Flat on 14.4.1862.

YOUNG, Joseph

Pte 3574 77th

25.3yrs, 5’5”, dark complexion, dark brown hair, 26.12.1854 Westminster Moulder; born Burney Lanarkshire; deserted at Vic. Barracks, Sydney on 31.3.1858. Surrendered Liverpool NSW police 1.4.1858.

YOUNG, Richard

Pte, 2161 40th

34yrs, 6’, fair complexion, dark brown hair, hazel eyes; labourer; born Cloneagh, Queen’s Co; deserted at Ballarat on 11.2.1855.

YOUNG, Thomas


36yrs, 5’5”, pale complexion, brown hair, grey eyes; bricklayer; born London Deserted at Melbourne on 3.4.1869.

YOUNG, William

Cpl 2101 65th

25yrs 5mo, 5’9 3/4”, dark, black hair, blue eyes; deserted 9 Apr l848, Wellington; enlisted 13 Nov 1843,Banbridge; bapt. Port Glennone, Antrim; weaver. Wore regimental jacket, Oxford mixture trousers.