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Men listed as deserting from their Regiment


These men have been recorded as deserters from the Regiment in which they served. There is more than a strong possibility these men eventually settled. We have included them as they received a description etc. this list may be of help to their descendants. Today ,we understand why these men deserted, in many cases they were treated worse than the convicts. We have listed some in their Regiment , however in many cases the regiment did not directly record them. Most have been recorded with their Regiment

HANNA, Joseph
30yrs, 5'11", fresh complexion, brown hair, blue eyes; dealer; born Northern Ireland; deserted at'Walmer Castle' Hobson's Bay c.31.3.1870. Remarks - brand "D" and "BC" under left arm.
Gnr 1218 RA
26.8yrs, 5'7", fresh complexion, brown hair, hazel eyes; enlisted 21.2.1860, Liverpool; cabinet maker; born Templemore Co.Derry; deserted at Sydney on 13.12.1858.
Gnr 1632 RA
30.9yrs, 5'9", fresh complexion, dark red hair, hazel eyes; enlisted 3.1.1860, Newcastle-on-Tyne; plasterer; born St. Andrew's Glasgow Lanarkshire; deserted at Sydney on 20.10.1868.
HAWKES, Thomas
25.8yrs, 5'6", dark complexion, dark brown hair, hazel eyes; labourer; born Brighton Sussex; deserted at South Australia on 11.3.1869.
Pte 54th
Absconded prisoner (ship Caledonia,1838), labourer, 41yrs, 5'6 3/4", sallow complexion, brown hair mixed with grey, blue to grey eyes, broad scar of left cheek near upper lip, fingers of right hand contracted a little, scar on ball of left thumb; of Butivant, Cork. Absconded from Commissariat Store gang, 28 Jan 1845,Sydney.

1834may07  Joseph   HADFIELD     32nd foot           30  Alfreton             Lab
1836mar05  Thomas   HADFIELD     85th foot           19  Glossop              Shoemaker
1828nov18  John     HALL         3rd bat gren gds    19  Belper               Nailer
1829jan27  John     HALL         3rd bat gren gds    22  Belper               Nailer
1840nov25  John     HALL         royal marines       25  Woodland Hope        Blacksmith
1832jan07  William  HALLOWS      60th rif 2nd bat    18  Kniveton             Shoemaker
1832feb08  William  HALLOWS      60th rif 2nd bat    18  Kniveton             Shoemaker
1830feb24  William  HANBURY      3rd bat gren gds    36  Elvaston             Butcher
1840jan17  Joseph   HANCOCK      77th foot           22  Yougreave            Lab
1838jan10  Charles  HAND         83rd foot           18  Ashbourne            Silkweaver
1837jan07  William  HARDSTAFF    19th foot           20  Derby                Stone delver
1838jul14  Hugh     HARDY        86th foot           18  Shirland             Lab
1840mar11  John     HARDY        40th foot           24  Belper               Tailor
1836oct05  Edward   HARRISON     37th foot           20  Scropton             Lab
1840jun19  George   HARRISON     45th foot           17  Kirk Ireton          File cutter
1834aug13  Jos      HARRISON     34th foot           21  Norton               Knife cutler
1838jun09  Samuel   HARVEY       heics art           24  Belper               Butcher
1834jun04  George   HASLAM       2nd life gds        41  Pentridge            Lab
1840sep23  Thomas   HASSALL      45th foot           19  Ticknall             Weaver
1839may15  Henry    HEEL         69th foot           21  Chesterfield         Lab
1839may31  John     HELKIN       6th foot            18  Baslow               Tailor
1839jul15  Jos      HIBBERD      82nd foot           20  Edensor              Blade forger
1839jun28  George   HIGGINBOTTOM 45th foot           19  Wharton?             Machine turner
1840oct07  George   HIGGINBOTTOM 45th foot           20  Wharton?             Machine turner
1835dec05  William  HIGHLAND AL  32nd foot           26  Hicham ?             Collier
1831sep21  Edmund   HILL         heics art           23  Heath                Shopman
1837may24  John     HILL         rm woolwich div     20  Buxton               Serv
1833nov27  Thomas   HILL         69th foot           25  St Peter Dby         Brickmaker
1837may17  William  HODGKINSON   37th foot           19  Osmaston             Twisthand
1839oct18  William  HOLLIS       53rd foot           19  Youlgreave           Lab
1832jul07  James    HOLMES       14th foot           20  Chesterfield         Lab
1835sep19  Jos      HOLMES       96th foot           22  Twyford?             Serv
1828nov14  John     HOLMS        80th foot           21  Overton              Lab
1830oct20  William  HOOD         32nd foot           22  Shirley              Shoemaker
1834jan22  William  HUTCHESON    28th foot           23  Mugginton            Lab
1835dec05  William  IRELAND AL   32nd foot           26  Mugginton            Lab