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Men listed as deserting from their Regiment


These men have been recorded as deserters from the Regiment in which they served. There is more than a strong possibility these men eventually settled. We have included them as they received a description etc. this list may be of help to their descendants. Today ,we understand why these men deserted, in many cases they were treated worse than the convicts. We have listed some in their Regiment , however in many cases the regiment did not directly record them. Most have been recorded with their Regiment

GALLEY, Joseph
Absconded prisoner: (Ship Kennaway) soldier.etc, 30yrs, 5'5 1/2", sallow complexion, dark brown hair, brown eyes, D under left arm, J Galley AH inside lower right arm, scar on back of left hand and back of fourth finger, rather illegible inside lower left arm, forefinger of left hand contracted with scars on back of same and nail disfigured; large scar on left shin. Born Surrey. Deserted from Circular Quay Gang 29 July 1839 (still advertised NSW 1847).
Pte 3169
20yrs, 5'8", fair complexion, light brown hair, grey eyes; enlisted Nottingham; bobbin and carriage maker; born Nottingham; deserted at Melbourne on 31 .8.1855.
GILBERT, Richard 
Absconded prisoner: (Waverly 1839), soldier, 28yrs, 5'9", fresh ruddy complexion, light brown hair, dark hazel eyes, semicircular scar on right corner of mouth, scar over left eyebrow, another on outer corner; two small moles on left side of neck, JD, crown, JGBETZY inside lower right arm, JTTT'.4 on upper arm, TRD, anchor and other marks on right hand, D under left arm; of Shropshire. Absconded from No 3 Stockade, Newcastle, 23 Jan 1845.
Gnr 1868 RA
22.6yrs, 5'6"; fresh complexion, brown hair, grey eyes; enlisted 24.5.1867, Westminster; labourer; born Listonal Co. Kerry; deserted at Sydney on 13.12.1858.
GRIFFIN, Patrick
Gnr 1868 RA
23.3yrs, 5'7"; fresh complexion, brown hair, grey eyes; enlisted 24.5.1867, Westminster; born Listowal Kerry; deserted at Sydney on 31.8.1869. Remarks - mole on left shoulder blade.
Pte 2978 
20.9yrs, 5'7", fair complexion, dark brown hair, hazel eyes; labourer; born West Farleigh, Kent; deserted at Castlemaine on 21.7.1855.

1834may28  William  GAUNT        2nd bat 60th foot   22  Hollington ?         Lab
1839apr15  John     GEE          1st bat rif         19  Stoney Middleton     Cordwainer
1836oct26  T        GENN         14th foot           19  Shottle              Currier
1833aug03  William  GILBERT      2nd bat 60th foot   20  Cover Stony?         Shoemaker
1833dec21  William  GILBERT      2nd bat 60th foot   20  Cover Stony?         Shoemaker
1835may23  William  GILBERT      2nd bat 60th foot   22  Cover Stony?         Shoemaker
1836nov25  James    GLADSTONE    rm portsmouth div   20  St Alkm Dby          Smith
1840aug28  Edward   GOODHEAD     95th foot           19  St Alkm Dby          Ribbon weaver
1828dec19  W        GOODHEAD     rm plymouth div     19  Derby                Tailor
1829aug22  David    GOTHARD      17th foot           21  Mellor               Shoemaker
1839oct14  John     GREATRIX     29th foot           20  Alverston            Lab
1837feb08  William  GREEN        7th fusil           21  Brassington          ------
1837mar08  James    GREGORY      95th foot           21  Bonsall              FWK
1838apr04  James    GREGORY      rm portsmouth div   20  Stony Middleton      Plade? maker
1829aug01  Samuel   GREGORY      3rd light drag      19  Chesterfield         Joiner
1839mar06  William  GREGORY      17th foot           20  Duffield             Cutler
1837jan07  Joseph   GREGSON      24th foot           22  Longford             Bricklayer