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Men listed as deserting from their Regiment


These men have been recorded as deserters from the Regiment in which they served. There is more than a strong possibility these men eventually settled. We have included them as they received a description etc. this list may be of help to their descendants. Today ,we understand why these men deserted, in many cases they were treated worse than the convicts. We have listed some in their Regiment , however in many cases the regiment did not directly record them. Most have been recorded with their Regiment

Absconded prisoner: (St Vincent 1837), soldier and labourer, 43yrs, 5'6", brown and freckled, dark brown hair, brown chestnut eyes, perpendicular scar on right side of upper lip and on inner corner of right eyebrow and over brow, small mole on left side of neck, DD under left arm. Absconded from Wooloomooloo Stockade, 6 Mar 1845.

FLYNN, Edward
Absconded prisoner: (Woodbridge) labourer and soldier, 33yrs, 5'9 1/2", sallow complexion, freckled, brown hair, grey eyes; diagonal scar left eyebrow, D under left arm, mark of a boil on right breast, small mole outside right elbow, scar inside little finger of right hand, scar on ball of left thumb, large scar on back of left hand and fore, middle and third fingers; of County Tipperary. Absconded from Surveying party of Mr Burnett, Miller's Vale, Moreton Bay, 1848.

1839oct30  David    FEARN        95th foot           18  Mickleover           Lab
1840apr24  Thomas   FEARNEHOUGH  6th foot            22  Crich                Lab
1839nov29  Henry    FIPS         98th foot           21  Tideswell            Lab
1840aug28  Alex.    FLETCHER     82nd foot           --  Dronfield            Knife cutler
1836jun18  George   FLETCHER     95th foot           24  Shirland             Lab
1828jun13  James    FLINDERS     9th foot            24  Eyam                 Grinder
1829may09  James    FLINDERS     9th foot            25  Eyam                 Grinder
1840oct16  Bryan    FOGG         82nd foot           24  Chesterfield         Iron moulder
1832oct31  James    FORD         15th foot           18  Kegworth             Shoemaker
1828sep26  John     FORD         12th inf            21  Mellor               Shoemaker
1829jul04  John     FORD         12th inf            21  Mellor               Shoemaker
1837mar08  William  FOSTER       95th foot           20  Ashbourne            Lab
1831aug24  George   FRECKLETON   5th bat roy art     22  Whabas ?!!           Engineer
1837oct28  John     FREEMAN      2nd bat 60th rif    26  Staveley             Lab.
1839feb23  George   FURNISS      80th foot           19  Brampton             Blade grinder