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Private Edward Brown Bruce (c.1810.......1867.)

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  • Born : 27 Feb 1810 christened on the 6th March 1810.
  • Where Born : Larkhall, Lanarkshire, Scotland
  • Occupation : Soldier / Weaver
  • Date Arrived : 14 February 1832
  • Ship Arrived on : " Elizabeth 111 "
  • Port Arrived : Hobart
  • Rank on Discharge : Private
  • Date of Army Enlistment : 26 February 1829
  • Where Enlisted Army : Wasall England
  • Regimental # : 668
  • Transferred : 80th regiment on the 1st August 1837.
  • Last Regiment Served : 11th Regiment # 2667 30 June 1844
  • Regiment Enlisted from : 99th Regiment
  • Date Enlisted Mounted Police : 1 April 1835
  • Rank Mounted Police : Royal Lancaster Mounted Police Detachment. Trooper
  • Date Discharge Mounted Police: December 1849
  • Regiment Re-Joined : 11th regiment
  • Date Discharged Army : 27 August 1850
  • Comments Regarding Army Discharge : Medically unfit
  • Where Discharged : Sydney
  • Died : 27 August 1880 age 67
  • Where Died / Buried : Murrundi
  • Parents Names : John Bruce & Ann Stobbo
  • Spouse's Name : Emma Isabella Clark(e)
  • Date Married : October 1 1849 
  • Where Married :St Andrews Church in Muswellbrook
  • Spouse's Parents :William Clark married Mary Mavour or Mavin married 13.1.1827 Cullen, Scotland and Had four children
  • Born : Emma Isabella bapt. 18.5.1833 Portsoy
  • Where Born : either in Aberdeen or “at sea”
  • Occupation : Soldiers wife
  • Date Arrived :   13th July, 1837
  • Ship Arrived on : John Barry" and arrived in Sydney
  • Died : 17 August 1882.
  • Where Died / Buried  Rookwood cemetery in Sydney
  • Descendants
     Compiled by Michael Bond (descendent of Mary Annie Bruce 1861), Melbourne, Australia with great assistance from John Bruce (Descendent of Alexander Bruce 1870), Evelyn Davis (Descendent of William James Bruce1855) and Greg Clancy (descendent of Robert Bruce 1857) Further enquiries or information may be directed to


    Area Settled :
    Children :

    John – born Muswellbrook (presumably) on 23 Dec 1850 and married Emily Annie Australia Oldfield on 18 March 1874 at Murrurundi. They had one child “Albert George” on the 3rd July 1874 but sadly he died just a few months later on 15 Dec 1874. John then died a very premature death a couple of months later on 28 February 1875 from an apparent obstruction of the bowel.

    Edward Brown was born at Murrurundi on 20 July 1852. 
    This Edward Brown married Eliza Hicks at “Doughboy Hollow” on the 15 August 1874 

     William James was born in 1855, married Elizabeth Sarah Smith on 4 Jan 1877 and had 7 children, 3 of whom died young. He died 5 July 1918 and both he and are Elizabeth are buried in marked graves at Murrurundi. He has living descendents.

     Robert was born 10 May 1857 and died 17 Nov 1928. He married Emma Kensell in 1880 and they had 6 children, two of whom died young and a third killed in France in 1917. He has living descendents.

    Henry Sydney was born on 2 June 1859 and married Annie Elizabeth Pearson on the 30 November 1895. He died in Queensland on the 8 March 1934. It is thought he has living descendents

    "Vincent is believed to have been born around 1866 but it is understood his birth records were destroyed. He's thought to have been alive in 1882 but no further record is known of him, although he may be “Vincent Bruce” who died on 3 July 1900 in Queensland. 

    Mary Annie was born on 1 November 1861 and married Leonard Horner Bond in Paddington, Sydney on 13 April 1882. She died in Sydney on the 19th July 1919. The writer is a living descendent.

     Harriet Isabella was born on 11 November 1863 but died just short of her 4th birthday on 27 October 1867 after being gored by a cow and suffering severe head injuries.

     (Miriam) Lydia – Like Vincent, birth records cannot be found for her but her birth date is believed to be around 1868. She married a Frederick John Wilson in 1886 in Murrurundi but later lived in Sydney and they had at least 5 children, one who is believed to have died in 1917 during the war. It is assumed she has living descendents.

     Alexander was born on 28 October 1870 and married Eleanor Annie Oxley in 1893. They had 2 children. He died on April 5 1930 at Cooma but usually resided in Redfern, Sydney. He has living descendents.

     Ada Jennet was born on Sept 17 1873 and died 20 Feb 1875.

    History & Achievements :

    After its arrival in VDL (Tasmania), Edward stayed with the “4th” and it is believed shortly sailed on to their headquarters in Parramatta. The “4th” was quite instrumental in establishing law and order throughout the new Australian colonies with members spending time in Hobart Town, Port Phillip Settlement (Melbourne), Swan River Settlement (Perth) and of course Sydney where they were based. By 1837 however they were called to Madras in India and Edward was transferred to the 80th regiment on the 1st August 1837. He served with the 80th as a Mounted Private until 30 June 1844 where he was again transferred; this time to the colonial government’s 11th regiment. He was posted to Maitland NSW on 1 August 1848 under Troop Order 16 and finally discharged as being medically unfit for military service on March 31 1850. He had spent 21 years and 35 days serving Monarch and country.

     It was probably around the time of his posting to Maitland when he met and then married Emma I. Clark(e) on October 1 1849 at St Andrews Church in Muswellbrook. Emma would still have been a teenager. Emma is believed to have been born around 1833 (but possibly as early as 1829) either in Aberdeen or “at sea” but no records can be found for her.

     Upon his discharge from the army he had already organised himself another job and was appointed “roving constable” at Murrurundi on the first of January 1850. He is listed as a “Lock-up keeper” by the birth of his first child John in late 1850. John is thought to have been born in Muswellbrook but the family settled and had the rest of their children in Murrurundi where Edward is listed as a “freeholder” in 1857.

     Edward spent a brief time as a “coal and tin miner” in the early 1850’s according to baptism records for Edward Brown (junior). This was probably more a hobby as he appears to have been the roving constable of the district. He was officially appointed constable in the colonial NSW police force in June 1855. In his record he is described as 5’ 9” hazel eyes, grey hair and of ruddy complexion with an active and intelligent appearance.

     After 15 year’s service he retired on 15 November 1870 on 3/- per diem and died in Murrurundi on 27 August 1880. He probably spent the last 10 years of his life assisting his sons (particularly William and Edward) who were thought to have had property in and around Murrurundi.

     After a life devoted primarily to child rearing, Emma died a somewhat premature and painful death on the 17 August 1882. She shares a headstone with her first born daughter Mary Annie at the Rookwood cemetery in Sydney, so the two were obviously close.

     William Clark married Mary Mavour or Mavin Emma's Parents married 13.1.1827 Cullen, Scotland and Had four children

    1. James bapt. 20.3.1825 Portsoy
    2. William bapt. 25.11.1827 Portsoy
    3. Isabella bapt. 4.4.1830 Portsoy
    4. Emma Isabella bapt. 18.5.1833 Portsoy


     William Clark was a Mason by trade and he and his wife Mary and children came to Australia on the "John Barry" and arrived in Sydney on the 13th July, 1837 On the voyage out typhus fever took hold and the ship Was quarantined on arrival. William died from the Disease on the 19th August, 1837 and buried at the Quarantine Ground. Mary also suffered from the disease . And it is while she was recuperating that it is Believed the two girls were put into an orphanage (although only Isabella can be found on the orphanage Index). From the shipping records Mary and William could read and write and were Presbyterians. Mary was Employed by Mr. Pager Hawkers of Dalswinton for 20 Pounds per annum with rations. Mary later married a Samuel Dickinson at Muswellbrook on the 25th September, 1841. Mary died 16th June, 1877at Murrurundi aged 76 from Inflammation of the lungs and Was buried 18th June, 1877 at Murrurundi Cemetery C/E Section. Emma Bruce, daughter, Murrurundi is listed as The informant. Mary and William could read and write and were Presbyterians
    Samuel was a convict sentenced on April 4 1836 to 7years transportation for entering a mill in Nottingham where he was from. He arrived in Sydney Aboard the convict ship John 11on 7 Feb 1837and Was granted leave to marry Mary on the 18 July 1841 He was 25, she was 35. Samuel is shown as being 5'6" Hazel eyes, brown hair and a dark, ruddy Complexion. He died at Murrurundi in 1878 but with neither He nor Mary have a known grave I also understand that Edward and Emma's son; Henry Sidney, died in Queensland 8.3.1934 rather than 1880
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