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Nominees of the first British tontine of 1693 - Sources

(1694) A particular accompt of the moneys paid into the receipt of the exchequer upon the late Million Act, for the benefit of survivorship containing the names of the several nominees, their ages, places of abode, the sums paid on each nominees life, London.

B(riscoe), J. .(1694) An abstract of the discourse on the late funds of the Millian-act, Lottery-act, and Bank of England, London.

(1749) A list of the names of the several nominees (with their ages) subscribed upon the act passed in the 4th year of the reign of King William and Queen Mary, commonly called the Million Act, as they were delivered in to the exchequer (not at Christmas, as expressed in the order, which cannot be known till after the 4th of June next, but) at Midsummer last, for the payment of the dividend then due upon the benefit of suvivorship. London.


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