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 Gravestones 7

Click on the icon or text link to view large photo of gravestone.

Link to Margaret Burke Kelly inscription photo Link to Margaret Burke Kelly monument photo Link to Annie & Edward Kennedy inscription photo Link to James Kennedy monument photo Margaret Burke Kelly (83k)
Margaret Burke Kelly (69k)
Annie & Edward Kennedy (76k)
James Kennedy (77k)
Link to Mary Kennedy headstone photo Link to Margaret Kennedy headstone photo Link to Martin Kennedy monument photo Link to Mary Kilroy inscription photo Mary Kennedy (118k)
Margaret Kennedy (119k)
Martin Kilroy (74k)
Mary Kilroy (75k)
Link to photo of rocks marking Emma Langer grave Link to Mary and Olive Leach headstone photo Link to Mary & Olive Leach inscription photo Emma Langer (118k)
Emma Langer (kk)
Mary & Olive Leach (74k)
Mary & Olive Leach (73k)
Link to John and Mary Lenihan inscription photo Link to John and Mary Lennihan monument photo Link to Susan Loftus headstone photo Link to Patrick Loftus headstone photo John and Mary Lenihan (75k)
John and Mary Lenihan (73k)
Susan Loftus (72k)
Patrick Loftus (90k)

Photos by Angela Feldsien.  Used with permission.

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