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 Gravestones 6

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Link to Katie Haley inscription photo Link to James Hanaughan headstone photo Link to Haverty monument photo Link to Hannah McGrath Haverty inscription photo Katie Haley (84k)
James Hanaughan
Hannah McGrath Haverty (kk)
Hannah McGrath Haverty (kk)
Link to Margaret Hennly & Edward Hyland inscription photo Link to Edward & Margaret Hyland & grandsons monument photo Link to Frank & Mary Hyland headstone photo Link to James J. Hyland inscription photo Edward & Margaret Hyland (kk)
Edward Hyland Family (kk)

Frank & Mary Hyland (kk)
James J. Hyland (kk)
Link to Mary Kilroy Hyland & sons headstone photo Link to photo of Edward & Thomas Hyland foundation stone Link to Mary Dwyer Hyland headstone photo Link to John Kane headstone photo Mary, Edward & Patrick Hyland (kk
Edward & Thomas Hyland foundation

Mary Dwyer Hyland (kk)
John Kane (kk)
Link to Bridget Keefe headstone photo Link to Margaret Kelly inscription photo Link to Margaret Kelly monument photo Link to Kelly monument photo Bridget Keefe  (kk)
Margaret Toolan Kelly

Margaret Toolan Kelly (kk)
Kelly Family (kk)

Photos by Angela Feldsien.  Used with permission.

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