Papers of the Continental Congress
Jos. Martin to T. Jefferson Re: Report of the Officers of the Washington District, NC June 3, 1788
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M247-164 i150 v2 pg 435

Report of the Officers of the District Touching the Distressed Situation of the Frontier June 3, 1788


North Carolina
Washington District
June 3d 1788

Whereas Brigadier General Martin has called upon the officers of this district for advice and council in the present distressed situation of the frontier, and whereas it appears by undoubted proofs that the Cherokee Indians of Chickemauga [sic] Town have attacked a boat containing about forty white people who were attempting to remove themselves to Cumberland in this State, and have killed them all except three which have been acknowledged by the [Fassel?] the Cherokee's king who says those Indians have joined the Creeks for war against us and that it it [sic] what the White people will to cut them off.

And whereas following persons have been killed on Clinch Grassy Valley, and other places in this district-to wit-Wm. Inglish, Betsey Patterson-one Hines-Archibald Sharp and James Franklin, a wife of John Kirk and six Children, a wife of James McCarter-Prisoners, William Inglish's wife and four children-Wounded, John Tye, Simon Hinds and one Sharp-About one hundred and fifty horses stolen and carried away-all which murders and outrages appeared to have been done and conducted by the Cherokees accompanied by some of the Creeks all which have been done since the first of March last except Inglish's family, and the Cherokees in every instance have been pilots.

It also appears to us that the frontier inhabitants living in lands purchased by government and settled under authority of the same have either been drove off their lands or compelled in forts for seventy miles and whereas it appears to us that outrages are still continued and great part of the Inhabitants are in danger of being drove off their lands unless a force be immediately raised to repel the Indians-We therefore are of opinion that it is proper and necessary and do advise General Martin to give immediate orders to embody and call into service a sufficient number of militia to march to the Chickemauga Town, not less than five hundred march, and not more than eight hundred allotted as follows-

Green County 400-Hawkins 100-Sullivan 100-Washington 200. We also recommend to General Martin to show Civility and favor to all Indians on this side and at high Wassy [sic] as they have on several occaisons [sic] shown as friends by disposition by sending intelligence to us of parties of indians who were out to commit hostilities-

(Signed) Thomas Huchings [P.?] Co.



You observe by the Council of officers and Colonel Kennedy's letter, that an expedition is in fact against that part of the Cherokees called Chickemauga, tho' nothing intended against the old towns, as they have shewn a friendly disposition ever since the treaty concluded at Keworuee with the Continental Commissioners and to my knowledge did actually turn several parties of Creeks back who had set out for war against the citizens of this state.

Notwithstanding, Mr. Sevier has taken the liberty of driving them out of their towns, and as I am this moment informed, has killed about thirty chiefly women and children, exclusive of the three chiefs mentioned in that letter of the 10th instant, you shall shortly have the particulars-

Your most obedt. Servt.
        Jos. Martin

P.S. Means have been found to procrastinate the expedition until the latter [week?] of next [month?] with expectation of Congress will interpose.
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