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These records are from the NC State Archives
Treasurers and Comptrollers Papers
Revolutionary Army Accounts, S.II5.45 Vol A, pp250-251
272 Morgan District and Salisbury District.
Transcribed & Contributed by Dwayne Meyer

Militia of North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina as allowed by the auditors of Morgan District as off Report 44 &45

Captain James Mcfarland for services of himself & company as payroll
(2 entries)

Captain Robert Patton & company
Peter Hall
James Logan
Major Joseph McDowell

Captain Samuel Hughey & company
John Camp
Thomas Campf
John Killion
William Welsh
Samuel Swearingame
Phipil Marlin
Albert Colpenny
Issac Martin
John Baker

Captain Henry Highland report #45
George Hauser junior
Frederick Bocket
Henry Shore
John Right
John Micke
Jacob Bloome
Peter Rose
Jacob Bloome
Daniel Schneff
William Peague
Frederick Dean
John Slone
William Gray
Jacob Greler
John Rank
John Love
William Ramsey
William Hannah
Minor Smith
Christophere Kichnash (?)
Jacob Bloom
Matthew Markland
James Hampton
Almon Gwine
Samuel Waggonor
William Hill jumior
Joseph Banner
John Thompson
Henry Sponhauser
Peter Hauser
Henry Sponhauer senior
Philip Fransec
Robert Walker junior
William Dobson
John Cummins
George Hauser senior
Robert Hill
John Martin
Jacob Petrey
Benjamin Wheeler
William Freeman
Martin Ebert junior
John Haynes
Jacob Perry
Jacob Myers
hilip Fogler
Mark Haynes
Andrew Folk
Christian Zimmerman
Werner Sponhauer
George Aust
Paris Chipman

Lieutenant John B Colvard & company
John B Colvard
Peter Edelman
Joshua Creson
William Whitaker
Samuel Crocket
Daniel Swinny
Joshua Ramey
William Marshall
Thomas Howell
David Howell
Peter Elder
John Elder
Jacob Speers
Samuel Mosby
Robert Sanier
Mathias Steelman

Captain Henry Speers & company
David Stuart
John Thomas Longin

Serjeant Jacob Niell & company
James Wilburn
John Pierce
John Williams
Jacob Sponhauser
Adam Fishel
John Padjet
Matthew Markland
Mark Heens
Frederick Beckell

End of the three pages that I have. Each one of these names has a column reflecting the amount of money that was promised to be payed. Along with an individual number for accounting purposes.