Nathaniel Greene to Samuel Huntington 4/21/1781
Papers of the Congressional Congress M247 roll 175 vol 2 pg. 169
National Archives & Records Administration
Transcribed by Billy Markland

Extract of a Letter from Genl. Marian [sic], dated April 21st 1781

A small detachment which I sent to watch the Enemy's movements in Camden took at the mouth of Cashaw [Kershaw's] Creek a Boat laden with Corn, killed 2, wounded 4, and took 6 British Soldiers and 1 Tory.

Col. Horry crossed the Pedee with 70 Men to intercept the Tories who I expected would join Col. Watson in his march up Pedee, he fell in with a party of 30 foragers and as many more to cover them, he charged them on Horseback in Wm. McPhersons plantation, killed 2 and took 13 British Soldiers, two Tories, and 2 Negroes, without the loss of a Man.

General Lillington reports that the Bladen Militia of North Carolina fell with great spirit on the rear of Lord Cornwallis's Army as he was retreating to Wilmington, and killed 13 Men, and took between 15 and 20 Prisoners.

Genl. Pickens reports that Col. Clarke on the 23d of March had an Action with Major Dunlap near ninety six, killed 34 and took 42 Prisoners. Among the former the Major himself is numbered.

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