Papers of the Continental Congress
Dan Kennedy to General Martin June 6, 1788
National Archives & Records Administration
M247-164 i150 v2 pg. 439

Greene County
6th June 1788

Hon'ble General.

Yours of the third instant accompanying a letter from Colonel Outtan, and the result of the Council of officers at Hawkins Court-house, by M[?]. Lee I had the honor to receive.

I shall take the most Speedy and effectual measures I can conceive of to raise the proportion of men allotted from this County-Colonel Outtan informs me that you wished me to attend at Sullivan Court-house on Monday next-I am sorry I cannot do myself the honor to wait on you at that place, having previously appointed a General Muster for this regiment on Tuesday-An[sic] which I must attend, as the necessity of having this regiment officered is indisputable-Colonel Outtan also informs me that you have applied to him to act as Commissary on the expedition & as you have condescended to give me a vote in the matter, I think him very capable to discharge that trust-

The greatest difficulty that I can discover with respect to raising the men, will be in consequence of the Harvests, which will nearly be ripe at the time of setting out- Also a great scarcity of ammunition- particularly Lead- I do not know where to provide any of that article but perhaps your Honor may. I shall render personal service if life and health permits, on this Expedition- Pray, if in your power attend on Wednesday next at our Court Martial at the Court-house of our County, where you will have it in your power to inform us of your further decisions at Sullivan, and remove many difficulties that may lay before

I have the honor to be Sir &c
Dan Kennedy

Hon'ble General Martin

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