Earl Cornwallis to Lt. Col. Cruger – August 18, 1780
Papers of the Continental Congress M247 roll 175 vol 1 pg. 529
National Archives & Records Administration
Transcribed by Billy Markland


Camden 18th August 1780


I have the pleasure to inform you that on the morning of the 16th I attacked, & tottally [sic] defeated General Gate's army[,] above a thousand were killed & wounded & about eight hundred taken prisioner. We are in possession of eight pieces of brass Cannon, all they had in the field, all their ammunition Waggons, [equal?] number of arms & one hundred & thirty baggage Waggons, in short there never was a more compleat Victory. I have written to Lieut. Col. Turnbull who is with Major Ferguson on Little River to push on to Waxhaw after General Sumpter whose detachment is at present the only collected force of the Rebels in all this Country. Lieut. Col. Tarlton is in pursuit of Sumpter on this side. I have given orders that all the inhabitants of this Province who had submitted & who have taken part in this revolt, should be punished with the greatest rigour, that they should be imprisoned, and their whole property taken from them or destroyed. I have likewise directed that compensation should be made out of their effects to the persons who have been plundered and oppressed by them.

I have ordered in the most positive manner, that every militia man who had borne arms with us & had afterwards joined the enemy, should be immediately hanged! I have now Sir only to desire, that you will take the most vigorous measures to extinguish the Rebellion, in the District which you command, and that you will obey, in the strictest manner, the directions I have given in this letter, relative to the treatment of the Country. I intend sending a frigate directly to England, any letters which you may send immediately to Charlestown will be in time for it.

I am &c. &c. &c.

(Signed) Cornwallis

Our loss is about 300 killed & wounded, chiefly of the 33d Regt. & Volunteers of Ireland

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