Col. Jno. L. Burbridge Letter
James W. Porter Confederate Compiled Service Record
National Archives & Records Administration M322-

HeadQrs Burbridge's Regiment
June 11th 1863


I have the honor to introduce to your notice Capt. James W. Porter of my regiment as the most suitable officer to detail on recruiting services in N.E. Mo. I am satisfied from his knowledge of that country and his general acquaintance with the inhabitants that he can render more efficient service in that capacity than any other officer you can find. He is a brother of Col. Porter and served with him throughout his campaigns in that section last {season?}. When that command was ordered to break their way through the Federal lines he was the only officer who succeeded in bringing his entire company into our lines. He is a shrewd man and brave to intrepidity. In consideration of the fact that the enemy are about to enforce the conscript law I am convinced that Capt. Porter will be able to recruit and bring into our lines a large number of able bodied men.

Jno. L. Burbridge
Col. Comdg

Maj. Gen. S. Price
Comdg Gen.

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