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Leavenworth Daily Commercial
Indian Troubles – The Remedy
Vol. 1 No. 87 pg. 1
Kansas State Historical Society
Microfilm No. L2798

Transcriber's Note: Italics are included as set forth in the article.

Indian Troubles – The Remedy

Intelligence from the far West, for the past month, indicates a recurrence of the Indian troubles, and this time of a very formidable nature. The warriors of most of the tribes are to make comon cause against the whites, and to band themselves together for their extermination. They will constitute the largest force ever organized by the Indians for a similar purpose. Their devilish work has already commenced at Fort Kearney, where our gallant soldiers were ruthlessly murdered, and maltreated afterwards. Countless murders and outrages are daily committed by these red devils that the authorities learn not of.

The present state of affairs on the plains demands the immediate attention of the Government. Men and ammunition, not treaties, is the remedy. Good Indian fighters, and plenty of them, are the articles demanded on the Borders. Men who will put no faith in any "treaty," and write down every promise made by the "Noble Red Man" as an infernal lie – men who will shoot and cut and scalp and exterminate – those are the kind whose presence is needed in that quarter – such men as General Harney, of Ash Hollow, and Colonel Chivington, of Sand Creek memory. The humane societies of the East may howl and shriek when a cut throat red sneak is knocked over, but Plainsmen know there is but one way to treat Indians, and that is to hunt them down like the wolves. Recall the Carringtons and send out fighting men.