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Leavenworth Daily Commercial
The Massacre at Fort Phil Kearney
Vol. 1 No. 84 Pg. 4
Kansas State Historical Society
Microfilm No. L2798

Massacre at Fort Phil Kearney

Messrs. Powers, Newman & Co. received a letter from G. W. Lang, Esq., of Fort Laramie, dated December 27th. He says the whole force of the post, consisting of ninety-five officers and men, were surprised and massacred by the Indians, excepting one officer, who managed to escape. Six companies of soldiers have been sent out from Fort Laramie, and if they but do their duty, the red-skin's hunting ground above will receive acquisitions to its territories by hundreds.

Since writing the above we have received the Colorado Times, of the 3rd inst. which says "there were 3,000 red devils engaged in surrounding and slaughtering these 84 soldiers and three officers near Fort Phil. Kearney, on the 21st of December. The fort is located on the new road to Montana, northwest from Fort Laramie. The fight lasted until the last man of that brave battalion was killed. The Indian loss is reported to have greatly exceeded the number of troops, as it must have, from the desperate character of the fight. The Indians are still suffering for the want of a general castigation, such as General Conner alone could give 'em. But Red Tape thinks differently."