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General Orders No. 26.

Omaha, Nebraska, May 25, 1867.

In February last, at Fort Philip Kearney, two months after the massacre near that post, and nothing meanwhile having been heard from Fort C. F Smith, the post beyond, well-founded apprehensions were entertained for its safety, surrounded as it was known to be, by hostile Indians. Two efforts were made to communicate with that post by means of guides and scouts familiar with the country but the severity of the weather, the deep snows, and the presence of Indians on the trail, rendered them futile. Then it was that two sergeants of the 18th United States infantry—1st Sergeant Joseph Graham of company G, and Sergeant George Grant of company E—volunteered their services to accomplish the desired object.

Undeterred by the known difficulties to be encountered, and predictions of failure, they started forth on foot, and, overcoming the perils and dangers attending every step of the ninety miles, reached their destination. Returning a few days after, they were attacked by Indians and separated, but each succeeded, undergoing great sufferings and privations, in reaching his post alive.

The commanding general takes this means of acquainting the department and superior authorities with these facts, so creditable to Sergeants Graham and Grant, and at the same time of making matter of permanent record his appreciation of such exhibitions of bravery, energy, and perseverance.

A copy of this order will be sent to each of these sergeants through their commanding officer.

By command of Brevet Major General Augur :

Brevet Lieut. Col., A. A. A. G.