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Extract of Officer Assignments Under the Army Reorganization of 1866
NY Times
12/9/1866 Vol. XVI No. 4744 pg. 3
Kanasas State Historical Society

War Department
Adjutant General's Office
Washington, Nov. 23, 1866.

General Orders
No. 92

Under the act of July 28, 1866, the designation and organization of regiments by which the military peace establishment is increased and fixed will be as follows. The provisions of this order are in accordance with the condition of the army on, and are of effect from the 21st day of September, 1866.

Eighteenth Infantry

Colonel        Henry B. Carrington
Lieutenant-Colonel   Henry W. Wessels
Major   James Van Voast
Captain   Lyman M. Kellogg
Captain   Robert B. Hull
Captain   Tenodor Ten Eyck
Captain   Richard L. Morris, Jr.
Captain   Anson Mills
Captain   Morgan L. Ogden
Captain   Wm. P. McCleery
Captain   Frederick H. Brown
First Lieutenant   Gilbert S. Carpenter
First Lieutenant   John J. Adair
First Lieutenant   E.N. Wilcox
First Lieutenant   Wm. W. Bell
First Lieutenant   Thos. L. Brent
First Lieutenant   Joseph K. Hyer
First Lieutenant   Prescott M. Skinner
First Lieutenant   Sandford C. Kellogg
Second Lieutenant   James H. Bradley
Second Lieutenant   George W. Wood
Second Lieutenant   T.H.B. Counselman
Second Lieutenant   George W. Grummond
Second Lieutenant   A.S. Gilbraith
Second Lieutenant   E.H. True
Second Lieutenant   Jefferson P. Hibbets
Headquarters   Fort Philip Kearny [sic], D.T.

Twenty-seventh Infantry

Colonel        John E. Smith
Lieutenant-Colonel        See note
Major   Charles R. Woods (since appointed Lieutenant-Colonel 33d Infantry)
Captain   Alexander Chambers
Captain   Wm. J. Fetterman
Captain   Henry Haymond
Captain   Nathaniel C. Kinney
Captain   Andrew S. Burt
Captain   Thomas B. Burrowes
Captain   James Powell
Captain   Henry B. Freeman
First Lieutenant   William H. Bisbee
First Lieutenant   Ebenezer D. Harding
First Lieutenant   Wilber F. Arnold
First Lieutenant   Isaac D'Isay
First Lieutenant   M.A. Stearns
First Lieutenant   Edmund F. Thompson
First Lieutenant   George F. Templeton
First Lieutenant   Charles E. Dibble
Second Lieutenant   W.D.F. Landon
Second Lieutenant   Reuben F. Fenton
Second Lieutenant   Winfield S. Matson
Second Lieutenant   Charles H. Warrens
Second Lieutenant   Jacob Paulus
Second Lieutenant   Edmund R.P. Shurly
Second Lieutenant   Walter F. Hallock
Second Lieutenant   George E. Brewer
Headquarters   Fort Philip Kearney [sic], D.T.