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Casualty Report of Mallett's Battalion-Kinston, NC 12/14/1862
Confederate States Army Casualties: Lists & Narrative Reports M836-3
National Archives & Records Administration
Transcribed & Abstracted by Billy Markland

Surname Given Rank Co. Casualty Remarks
Austin Thos. M. Prvt. B Killed  
Aycock E. Prvt. C Wounded  
Bailey W.H. Prvt. D Wounded  
Baker W.A. Corpl. F Wounded  
Brunton C.M.   E Killed  
Caudle W. Prvt. C Killed  
Crawford J. Prvt. A Killed  
Crawford W.I. Prvt. F Killed  
Cullum B.W. Prvt. C Wounded  
Ferrell J.D. Corpl. C Wounded  
Fletcher J. Prvt. C Killed  
Glenn E.W. Prvt. A Wounded  
Glenn J.F. Prvt. D Wounded  
Goodman J.P. Prvt. F Wounded  
Halin James Prvt. F Wounded  
Hill J.H. Lieut. C Killed Comdg. Co. C
Hinson J.G. Prvt. D Wounded  
Hood B.F. Prvt. A Wounded  
Johnson A.W. Prvt. D Killed  
Johnson W.R. Prvt. F Wounded  
Jordan J.C. Prvt. F Wounded  
Keziah W.T. Corpl. B Wounded  
Lee J.H. Prvt. F Wounded  
Mandell N.M. Prvt. D Wounded  
Mann E.N. Adjt.   Killed  
Melton N. Prvt. F Wounded  
Mickelson D.S. Prvt. B Wounded  
Mise J.W. Prvt. D Wounded  
Murray R.B. Prvt. A Wounded  
Nall Danl. Prvt. F Wounded  
Nall W.A. Prvt. F Wounded  
Overman J.J. Prvt. C Wounded  
Paxton W.W. Prvt. B Wounded  
Pool J.C. Prvt. C Wounded  
Price A. Prvt. D Killed  
Quinn J.L. Prvt. D Wounded  
Reid J.J. Lieut. A Killed Comdg. Co. A
Robinson O.P. Prvt. B Wounded  
Ross D.C. Prvt. B Wounded  
Simpson J.M. Prvt. A Wounded  
Steepleton B.S. Prvt. C Wounded  
Strand G. Prvt. D Wounded  
Turner H. Prvt. A Wounded  
Ward A. Prvt. F Wounded  
White J.C. Prvt. B Wounded Since died
Whitsell Jno. M.   E Wounded  
Williams R.K. Lieut. A Killed