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Casualty Roll: 6th NC at Fredericksburg 5/3 & 5/4/1863
Confederate States Army Casualties M836-6
National Archives & Records Administration
Transcribed & Abstracted by Billy Markland

List of Casualties of the 6th N.C. Regt. in the 2nd Battle near Fredericksburg Va. on the 3rd & 4th of May 1863.

Col. I.E. Avery Commanding

Surname Given Rank Co. Casualty Location Remarks Date Notes
Adcock Rob Pvt. B Missing     5/4/1863  
Alred Jno. B. Pvt. H Wounded Arm Amputated 5/4/1863  
Allison J. Corp. B Wounded Side Slight 5/4/1863  
Alman Jas. Pvt. E Wounded Finger Slight 5/4/1863  
Bradshaw Jas. N. Pvt. F Wounded Arm Severely 5/4/1863  
Bailey Wm. Pvt. D Wounded Hand Slight 5/4/1863  
Brittain Alfred Pvt. D Killed     5/4/1863  
Brittain Jno. D. Pvt. D Wounded Thigh Slight 5/4/1863  
Burgess J.M. Pvt. A Wounded Forearm Slight 5/4/1863  
Christopher J.W. Pvt. K Wounded Leg Slight 5/4/1863  
Coleman Jas. E. Pvt. H Wounded Arm Slight 5/4/1863  
Collins P.B. Pvt. E Missing     5/4/1863  
Cape Thos. Pvt. H Wounded Arm Amputated 5/4/1863  
Crabtree C. Pvt. B Wounded Breast Slight 5/4/1863  
Davis J.B. Pvt. D Wounded Toe Slight 5/4/1863  
Davis John Pvt. A Wounded Rt. Arm Amputated 5/4/1863  
Dickson Jno. Sgt. A Wounded Face Slight 5/4/1863 Listed in C.S.R. as James
Dollar Thos. Pvt. C Killed     5/4/1863  
Duval E.A. Pvt. A Missing     5/4/1863  
Epley Jno. Pvt. A Wounded Leg Slight 5/4/1863  
Epley Peter Pvt. A Wounded Hand Severely 5/4/1863  
Eubanks C. Pvt. I Wounded Back Slight 5/3/1863  
Evans Thos. L. Pvt. H Wounded Hand Slight 5/4/1863  
Ferrell J.H. Pvt. C Missing     5/4/1863  
Gibson Jno. A. Pvt. F Wounded Foot Slight 5/4/1863  
Gibson Thos. Jr. Pvt. F Killed     5/4/1863  
Guess G.W. Capt. C Wounded Thigh Slight 5/4/1863 Listed in C.S.R. as Wiley G. & William G.
Hatch F.A. Pvt. F Wounded   Slight 5/4/1863  
Hemphill John Pvt. A Killed     5/4/1863  
Hildebrand Julius Pvt. D Missing     5/4/1863  
Holder Jesse Pvt. D Wounded Hip Severely 5/4/1863  
Howell Robt. Pvt. E Missing     5/4/1863  
James John Pvt. B Missing     5/4/1863  
Jenkins T.M. Lt. I Wounded Head Slight 5/4/1863  
Johnson C. Pvt. E Wounded Shoulder Severely 5/4/1863  
Kerr W.J. Pvt. F Wounded Knee Slight 5/4/1863  
Laycock W.J. Pvt. C Wounded Hand Slight 5/4/1863  
Lewis Jas. Pvt. E Wounded Big Toe shot off   5/4/1863  
Lockhart   Lt. B Wounded ? Badly 5/4/1863 C.S.R. lists given name as John S.
Loyd John Pvt. H Missing     5/4/1863  
Malone B.G. Pvt. H Wounded Hand Slight 5/4/1863 C.S.R. has several variants of given name.
Markham Jno. H. Pvt. C Killed     5/4/1863  
Markham Levi Pvt. C Wounded Leg Slight 5/4/1863  
Massey Rufus Pvt. C Missing     5/4/1863  
Meadows   Corp. B Missing     5/4/1863 C.S.R. has Wiley & Willie Meadows listed in Co. B
Miller E.H. Pvt. G Missing     5/4/1863  
Page Wesley Pvt. I Wounded Side Slight 5/4/1863  
Parnell Thos. Pvt. D Wounded Breast Severely 5/4/1863 Not listed in C.S.R.
Pender Wm. Pvt. F Missing     5/4/1863  
Pickard L. Pvt. I Wounded Head Slight 5/4/1863  
Pickett Jas. Pvt. K Wounded Shoulder Slight 5/4/1863  
Rayfield Jas. Pvt. B Missing     5/4/1863  
Ritchie J.M. Pvt. G Wounded Knee Slight 5/3/1863  
Simpson M.V. Sgt. K Wounded Leg Severely 5/4/1863  
Smith Jas. M. Pvt. I Wounded Arm Slight 5/3/1863  
Smith Martin Pvt. A Killed     5/4/1863  
Steele W.C. Pvt. I Missing     5/4/1863 C.S.R. has W.D. & William D. Steele listed in Co. I
Sykes Wm. Pvt. F Wounded Face Severely 5/4/1863  
Tallent D. Pvt. K Wounded Side Slight 5/4/1863  
Tate A. Pvt. F Wounded Thigh Severely 5/4/1863  
Tilley Allen Pvt. B Wounded Foot Slight 5/4/1863  
Vincent J.S. Capt. K Wounded   Slight 5/4/1863  
Walker L.H. Lt. H Wounded Side Slight 5/4/1863  
Wedlock Wm. Pvt. G Missing     5/4/1863  
Whisenhunt Thos. Pvt. E Killed     5/4/1863  
Whisenhunt Wm. Pvt. E Missing     5/4/1863  
Wilson Lee Pvt. B Missing     5/4/1863 Not listed in C.S.R.
Wilson Philo Pvt. B Killed     5/4/1863  
Wyatt F. Pvt. K Wounded Leg Slight 5/4/1863