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5th NC Casualties at Gettysburg 7/1-7/3/1863
Confederate States Army Casualties: Lists & Narrative Reports M836-3
National Archives & Records Administration
Transcribed & Abstracted by Billy Markland

Transcriber's Note: This casualty roll was not complete on the microfilm, ending with Company G.

List of casualties in the 5th North Carolina Regt. in the engagement at Gettysburg, Penn. July 1st, 2nd , & 3rd 1863.

Surname Given Rank Company Nature Location Remarks
Almond W.C. Prvt. F Wounded Finger
Andeston/Anderton I. Prvt. G Wounded Knee
Ashton J.P. Prvt. D Wounded Back
Atkinson Robert Prvt. A Wounded Head
Autrey W.B. Prvt. A Wounded Thigh
Baker Joseph Prvt. F Killed
Banniger A.L. Prvt. F Wounded Breast
Barber R.R. Prvt. C Missing
Barbie Jno. T. Prvt. B Missing
Barnes Jacob H. Prvt. C Missing
Barrow James W. Sergt. D Wounded Knee
Bassinger Daniel C. Sergt. E Wounded Stomach
Bealmond Joseph Prvt. A Wounded Head
Belch J.R. Prvt. F Missing
Bell Thomas W. Musician C Missing
Blount Richard C. Prvt. B Killed
Bond William Prvt. E Wounded Head Slightly
Boon N.S. Prvt. A Wounded Head
Braddy W.M. Prvt. A Wounded Hip
Bridgers Newett D. Prvt. C Killed
Brown Kidah Prvt. C Killed
Burke T.F. Prvt. A Wounded Arm & Head
Burrage E.H.M. Prvt. B Missing
Carr Lieut. E Killed
Carter J.L Prvt. F Wounded Leg
Clarke Prvt. A Missing
Clifford Joseph Prvt. G Killed
Coak Levi Prvt. A Wounded Hand
Cooper J.J. Prvt. F Missing
Corbitt Augustus Prvt. C Wounded Arm
Creech Ashley Corpl. C Wounded Hand
Cross Jno. F. Lieut. B Wounded Severely
Cunningham P. Prvt. E Wounded Knee
Davis J.R. Prvt. D Killed
Dean Berty H. Prvt. C Wounded Neck & Shoulder
Deems T.deS. Lieut. G Wounded Hip Severely
Denham William Prvt. C Wounded Hand & Head
Dick E.F. Prvt. F Missing
Dixon William Prvt. G Wounded Leg Amputated
Draper Lazerus Prvt. B Wounded
Dry Thomas Prvt. B Missing
Ethridge W. Prvt. G Killed
Eudy H.H. Prvt. F Wounded Shoulder
Eudy Heyram Prvt. F Missing
Eudy J.F. Prvt. F Wounded Arm & Leg
Eudy R.L. Prvt. F Wounded Side
Eudy Wilson Prvt. F Killed
Faulk Jones [sic] Prvt. C Wounded Arm
Fight S.J. E Missing
Fisher R.J. Prvt. F Missing
Floyd Meredith Prvt. B Missing
Fox Jno. M. Corpl. A Wounded ? Severely
Garner Wiley Prvt. C Wounded Breast
Gee N. Prvt. A Wounded Arm
Gerntey/Gemter M.G. E Missing
Goodman James K. Prvt. A Wounded Shoulder
Hahn Aaron Prvt. B Wounded Face
Harper C.T. Prvt. A Wounded Thigh
Harper W.N. Prvt. C Wounded Side
Hays Caloire Sergt. B Missing
Hays Joseph Corpl. B Wounded Both Legs & Nose
Hays Robert Corpl. B Wounded Ear
Haywood Fabius J. Jr. Adjt. F&S Wounded Severely
Henry Prvt. A Missing
Hewett W. Prvt. E Wounded Side
Hinson Lewis? Prvt. B Killed
Hobbs Charlton Sergt. F Wounded
Holt John Prvt. C Wounded
Honeycutt N.B. Prvt. C Missing
Honeycutt S.W. Prvt. C Missing
Howell Thos. Prvt. B Wounded Arm Amputated
Hudson William Prvt. C Missing
Hughes J.E. Corpl. F Missing
Hunt M.F. Lieut. E Wounded Head Severely
Jackson William Prvt. B Killed
Jernigan H.W. Prvt. D Wounded Hand
Jernigan Handy B. Prvt. C Wounded
Jernigan Joseph B. Prvt. C Missing
Johnson Hawly Sergt. A Missing
Jones Lucian Prvt. C Killed
King John Prvt. B Killed
Kinsaul E. Prvt. A Wounded
Kiser Geo. Prvt. F Wounded Breast
Knight Dempsey Prvt. B Wounded Body Mortally 7/3
Knight Robert Prvt. B Wounded Neck Seriously
Lee Allen J. Prvt. C Missing
Lee Daniel W. Prvt. C Killed
Lierly Christopher Prvt. F Killed
Long G.W. Prvt. E Wounded Foot
Lowder E.M. Prvt. B Killed
Mabry Solomon Prvt. F Wounded Foot
Malone Mathew James Lieut. D Killed
Mason L.H. Prvt. F Wounded Head
Mason Miles Prvt. G Wounded Leg & Ankle
Massingill Wm. B. Prvt. C Wounded Head
Mathews Thomas Prvt. B Wounded Head
Medlin Prvt. A Missing
Milchor W.G. Prvt. B Missing
Miller Sergt. E Killed
Minton H.H. Prvt. F Killed
Monk James W. Corpl. A Wounded ?
Morgan J.N. Prvt. E Wounded Finger Slightly
Morgan M.P. Prvt. G Killed
Morgan Thomas Corpl. B Killed
Morse P.H. Corpl. D Wounded Knee
Nixon Saml. W. Lieut. B Missing
Parker J.B. Prvt. B Missing
Parker John Prvt. B Killed
Peck Julius Prvt. F Wounded Head Mortally
Peeding Monroe Prvt. C Missing
Philips Prvt. A Missing
Pool Geo. R. Prvt. C Wounded Head
Powell James T. Prvt. B Wounded Arm 7/3
Rains William Prvt. C Wounded Both Thighs
Rawls Chas. C. Lieut. G Killed
Reeves Prvt. A Missing
Richardson Ruffin B. Prvt. C Missing
Riddick Wm. A. Lieut. F Wounded Neck & Wrist
Riggsby W. Prvt. E Wounded Hand
Robbins James Prvt. G Wounded Temple Mortally
Rose S.A. Sergt. A Wounded Arm
Rountry S.J. Lieut. B Missing
Rufty Geo. W. E Missing
Safty G?.W. Prvt. F Wounded Breast
Sasser Thomas Prvt. C Wounded Hand
Saunders Richard Prvt. B Wounded Leg & Shoulder
Scott J. Corpl. E Wounded
Shimfroch Henry Prvt. B Missing
Siler Prvt. A Missing
Sisemore M. Prvt. A Wounded Shoulder, Breast, & Back
Smith Benj. Prvt. B Wounded Leg Slightly
Smith H.H. Lieut. A Wounded Finger amputated
Smith James Prvt. A Wounded Hip
Speight J.A. Prvt. B Missing 7/2/63
Steel Sergt. E Killed
Stricklen Samuel B. Prvt. C Missing
Tart J.E. Prvt. D Wounded Head & Body Mortally
Taylor James M. Capt. G Wounded Groin Severely
Thompson Benj. F. Prvt. B Wounded Arm
Traci James C. Prvt. F Wounded Leg & Side
Waller Geo. Prvt. E Killed
Waller George Prvt. F Wounded
Watson Henry Lyndell Lieut. C Wounded Head
Webster N. Prvt. A Wounded Both Thighs
Wellons James H. Prvt. C Wounded Head Seriously
West R.C. Lieut. E Wounded Shoulder
West Speight B. Capt. F&S Wounded Shoulder Comdg. Regt.
Whitley G.D. Prvt. F Wounded Side
Willey Benjamin Franklin Corpl. B Wounded Thigh & Arm
Williams D.L. Prvt. G Killed
Williams George R. Prvt. B Killed
Womble James T. Prvt. A Killed
Worrell Levi Prvt. B Killed
Wright Edwd. Sergt. B Missing