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Casualty Roll: 21st NC at Sharpsburg
Confederate States Army Casualties M836-2
National Archives & Records Administration
Transcribed & Abstracted by Billy Markland

Transcriber's Note: The names on the film were extremely faint so in attempt to reconcile slight differences, I utilized the National Park Service's Civil War Soldiers & Sailors regimental rolls compiled from the Compiled Service Record Indices (C.S.R.) to verify the transcriptions. This hopefully will ensure a more accurate presentation.

Surname Given Rank Company Casualty Notes
Stephens Alfred Pvt. D Killed Spelled as STEVENS in C.S.R.
Miller F.P. Capt. K Killed  
Cates J.?. Lt. A Wounded Not listed in C.S.R.
Powers L.E. Lt. A Wounded  
Clodfelter Wm. Pvt. A Wounded  
Faulkner T. Pvt. B Wounded  
Smith J.T. Pvt. B Wounded  
Sandifer S.T. Pvt. C Wounded Spelled as SANTERFER in C.S.R.
Hodges J.W. Pvt. C Wounded  
Hall C.T. Pvt. G Wounded Not listed in C.S.R.
Butcher James Pvt. H Wounded  
Hodges John Pvt. H Wounded Not listed in C.S.R.
Christman Wm. Pvt. H Wounded Spelled as CRISSMAN in C.S.R.
Crosby Henry Pvt. H Wounded Not listed in C.S.R.
Snow Thomas Pvt. H Wounded  
McKenney Wm. Pvt. I Wounded Spelled as McKINNEY in C.S.R.
Levinggood L. Pvt. K Wounded Spelled as LEIVENGOOD in C.S.R.
Nelson Geo. Pvt. K Wounded  
Royal J.C. Pvt. B Missing