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21st NC Regt. Casualties in Battles Around Gettysburg
Confederate States Army Casualties: Lists & Narrative Reports M836-3
National Archives & Records Administration
Transcribed & Abstracted by Billy Markland

List of casualties in the 21st N.C. Regt. in the Battles around Gettysburg Pa. on 1st and 2nd July 1863

Allspaugh A. Lieut. D Missing   7/2/1863
Ally Riland Prvt. L Missing   7/2/1863
Amos J.M. Corpl. L Wounded Severely Foot 7/2/1863
Baker C.M. Prvt. L Wounded Severely Leg 7/2/1863
Banner F.V. Lieut. C Wounded Severely Thigh 7/1/1863
Banner W.C. Prvt. C Wounded Slightly Hand 7/2/1863
Barham E.S. Prvt. K Missing   7/2/1863
Beard J.W. Capt. F Wounded Slightly Head & Foot 7/2/1863
Bennett J.W. Prvt. F Killed   7/2/1863
Bennett W. Corpl. F Wounded Slightly Leg 7/2/1863
Black H.M. Prvt. M Wounded Slightly Side 7/1/1863
Blakely J.L. Prvt. M Missing   7/2/1863
Brinkley R.W. Sergt. H Wounded Slightly Hand 7/2/1863
Bruner W.H. Corpl. K Missing   7/2/1863
Bullim Jesse Prvt. H Killed   7/2/1863
Cal W.W. Sergt. M Missing   7/2/1863
Cobb F.A. Prvt. M Wounded Severely Side 7/1/1863
Cobb J.A. Lieut. M Missing   7/2/1863
Cockerham D.J. Lieut. H Wounded Slightly Hand 7/2/1863
Crues R.H. Sergt. K Missing   7/2/1863
Darnell M. Prvt. F Wounded Slightly Arm 7/2/1863
Dass/Doss R.A. Prvt. H Wounded Slightly Head 7/2/1863
Davis B.F. Prvt. I Wounded Severely Arm 7/2/1863
Duggins J.R. Prvt. M Wounded Severely Thigh 7/2/1863
Elliott H.H. Prvt. K Wounded Slightly Leg 7/1/1863
Ellrod J.J. Prvt. D Missing   7/2/1863
Evans M.C. Prvt. A Wounded Slightly Arm 7/2/1863
Franklan W.C. Prvt. K Wounded Slightly Hip 7/1/1863
Fulton H.P. Prvt. G Wounded Slightly Hand 7/2/1863
Fulton Saml. Prvt. G Missing   7/2/1863
Glassgow A.J. Prvt. H Wounded Severely Leg amputated 7/1/1863
Goldsby W.E. Lieut. L Wounded Severely Arm 7/1/1863
Green Baker Prvt. C Missing   7/2/1863
Handley John Prvt. C Wounded Slightly Hand 7/1/1863
Hauser J.M. Prvt. D Wounded Slightly Mouth 7/1/1863
Hauser J.W. Prvt. A Wounded Severely Leg 7/1/1863
Hicks Peter Prvt. F Wounded Slightly Head 7/1/1863
Holder D.H. Corpl. C Wounded Severely Arm 7/2/1863
Holyfield J. Corpl. H Wounded Slightly Leg 7/1/1863
Idall J.C. Sergt. H Wounded Severely Leg 7/1/1863
Idall J.F. Sergt. K Wounded Slightly Foot 7/1/1863
Jackson C.H. Prvt. A Wounded Slightly Hand 7/2/1863
Jenkins W.A. Prvt. H Wounded Severely Side 7/1/1863
Johnston Nat. Prvt. H Wounded Slightly Hand 7/1/1863
Jones W.T. Prvt. H Wounded Slightly Arm 7/2/1863
Joyce J.W. Prvt. L Wounded Severely Leg & Foot 7/2/1863
Joyce Josh Prvt. M Missing   7/2/1863
Kidd B.F. Prvt. C Missing   7/2/1863
King John Prvt. F Wounded Slightly Thigh 7/2/1863
King Wm. Prvt. I Missing   7/2/1863
Kiser Landy Prvt. G Wounded Severely Head 7/1/1863
Kiser Lee Prvt. G Missing   7/2/1863
Kiser W.A. Prvt. G Wounded Severely Arm amputated 7/1/1863
Leach W.A. Prvt. A Wounded Slightly Hand 7/1/1863
Ligin O.W. Sergt. G Missing   7/2/1863
Logan L.C. Corpl. H Wounded Severely Arm 7/1/1863
Lowe Albert Corpl. C Wounded Slightly Arm 7/2/1863
Marherly H. Prvt. A Wounded Slightly Head 7/2/1863
Martin J.T. Lieut. L Missing   7/2/1863
Mays W.C. Prvt. L Wounded Slightly Leg 7/2/1863
McGee Danl. Prvt. C Missing   7/2/1863
McLean J.M. Prvt. M Wounded Severely Shoulder 7/1/1863
Mickey J.W. Prvt. I Killed   7/2/1863
Miller Alex Prvt. D Wounded Thigh Broken 7/1/1863
Miller Alex Maj. F&S Missing   7/2/1863
Miller Will. Prvt. H Missing   7/2/1863
Mitchell A.M. Prvt. L Wounded Slightly Shoulder 7/1/1863
Moore Alex Prvt. G Wounded Severely Leg 7/1/1863
Moser/Maser J.R. Prvt. I Wounded Slightly Breast 7/1/1863
Moss Sandford Prvt. D Wounded Severely Thigh 7/2/1863
Mounce G.W. Prvt. F Missing   7/2/1863
Nelson W.G. Sergt. G Wounded Slightly Face 7/2/1863
Newsom J.W. Prvt. F Missing   7/2/1863
O'Neal Jas. Prvt. H Missing   7/2/1863
Parish L. Prvt. C Missing   7/2/1863
Pfohl W.J. Capt. L Wounded Slightly Thigh 7/2/1863
Plummer Jas. Corpl. L Missing   7/2/1863
Poor Thos. Prvt. I Missing   7/2/1863
Rankin W.L. Lt. Col. F&S Wounded Severely Taken Prisoner 7/2/1863
Ransom Geo. Prvt. D Wounded Slightly Hand 7/1/1863
Ray P.B. Sergt. L Missing   7/2/1863
Robbins L. Prvt. C Missing   7/2/1863
Roberts J.H. Prvt. F Wounded Severely Head 7/2/1863
Roberts Wm. Prvt. H Missing   7/2/1863
Sandifer S.T. Sergt. C Missing   7/2/1863
Scott H.M. Prvt. I Wounded Slightly Foot 7/1/1863
Shelton E.F. Prvt. I Killed   7/1/1863
Smith J.H. Prvt. A Missing   7/2/1863
Stewart W.H. Prvt. M Wounded Slightly Breast 7/2/1863
Stone E.M. Sergt. I Killed   7/1/1863
Stone J.J. Prvt. I Wounded Slightly Hip 7/1/1863
Summers J. Prvt. M Wounded Severely Thigh 7/2/1863
Thomas W.H. Corpl. D Missing   7/2/1863
Tuttle J.M. Prvt. G Missing   7/2/1863
Vaughn J.L. Prvt. I Wounded Slightly Head 7/1/1863
Voss W.H. Sergt. D Missing   7/2/1863
Wagoner Daniel Corpl. M Killed   7/2/1863
Wall C.T. Sergt. G Wounded Severely Knee 7/1/1863
Wall D.J. Prvt. C Wounded Slightly Hip 7/2/1863
Wall J.H. Prvt. F Wounded Slightly Hip 7/1/1863
Wall W.A. Prvt. F Wounded Slightly Foot 7/1/1863
Wall W.D. Prvt. F Killed   7/1/1863
Walls W. Prvt. M Wounded Slightly Arm 7/1/1863
Walters Geo. Prvt. H Wounded Severely Leg 7/1/1863
Watson F.M. Prvt. M Missing   7/2/1863
Webb J.C. Sergt. D Wounded Slightly Thigh 7/1/1863
Whicker Jeff Prvt. C Missing   7/2/1863
White J.W. Prvt. D Wounded Slightly Thigh 7/1/1863
Whittington J.A. Prvt. I Killed   7/1/1863
Williams J.M. Sergt. F Wounded Mortally Since Died 7/1/1863
Wilmosh E. Prvt. C Killed   7/1/1863

List of Casualties in the 21st N.C. Regt. (Teamsters) near Williamsport on 6thJuly 1863 in the attack by the enemy upon the wagon train-

Glassgow Richard   C Wounded Slightly Foot 7/6/1863
Haynes Buck   A Wounded Slightly Arm 7/6/1863
Hubbard J.A.   M Wounded Severely Arm 7/6/1863
Lineback Phil. J. Teamster D Killed   7/6/1863


  7/1/1863 7/2/1863 7/6/1863 TOTAL
Killed 5 4 1 10
Wounded 37 29 3 69
Missing 0 38 0 38
Total 42 71 4 117

W.W. Kirkland
Comdg. 21 N.C. Regt.